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WP Auto Content Review– Is It Just Another WP Plugin?

Do you own a WordPress site and struggles to write constant content? Then WP Auto Content is the best plugin for you. As an online marketer, fresh unique content if you want to keep driving targeted traffic to your site. What if you do not have time to write constant fresh content regularly? Let examine WP Auto Content and see what it can do.

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May 08, 2018



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What is WP Auto Content ?

WP Auto ContentWP Auto Content is a WordPress plugin that creates readable high-quality articles for you WordPress site. It searches for content that is fresh from top article and news sites. Some of the sites it crawls for content include; Wikipedia, EzineArticles Vimeo and Flickr just to name a few. In can pull articles from almost all sites that use RSS feed.

It then spins the article to a readable format and then post it on your site.  The spun articles are of high uniqueness therefore search engines will not flag them as duplicate content.

At the click of a button, you will have hundreds of article ready to be posted on your site. As you are aware, Google loves sites that are updated regularly with unique content. Your site will be among the ones with this good content. This will help your site’s traffic to increase dramatically. Who wouldn’t like making money with as little work as possible? WP Auto Content will let you achieve just that.

It is also possible to monetize the content at the click of a button. This plugin can insert banners, affiliate links and Adword code and hence earn extra passive income. It can also be used for all niche.

About the Creators of This Plugin

Wp Auto Content was created by Ankur Shukla, a talented internet marketer who has authored many highly successful products. In fact, his products are praised and recommended by other successful marketers. He has spent time around WordPress and he has created a couple of useful plugins that include WP Fan Machine, Sale Page Builder, WP Tweet Machine among others.

An idea came to him after seeing how marketers are having trouble creating fresh content for their sites. He quickly tapped in to the idea and developed this amazing plugin.

Features of WP Auto Content

  • You will get a lot more with this plugin and you will never run out of fresh content for your site. Below is a summary of what WP Auto Content is made of
  • Free fresh content from 24 sources or 35 sources if you upgrade.
  • It scrapes images from royalty free images site and post them on your article. You do not have to worry about copy right as it gets the images from free images sites.
  • It spins the scraped content to a highly readable article automatically then post it on your site.
  • This plugin ca add call to action button at the end of the article and hence make money from the article.
  • Ignores the links while importing the articles
  • If you have multiple WP sites, you can use this plugin on all of them after buying one license.
  • Can also post videos from YouTube and other video sites to your article.
  • Sometimes people have sites that have different categories from different niches. Someone can run a couple of campaigns together for that sight.
  • Upgrading to pro also helps you get product description from ecommerce site which is a great deal if you own an ecommerce site.

Why Should I Buy WP Auto Content?

  1. This plugin is so easy to use, and anyone can learn how to use it. You do not need any skill to use it. Besides there is a video that will train you to use it effectively.
  2. By using this plugin, you will find that most of your time will be freed. Such time can be used to do what you like doing most or use it to create more income streams with the free content you can get with WP Auto Content.


WP Auto Content is an amazing plugin that not only scrape fresh content, but it spins it, and post it on your site. The plugin does this according to the way you set it. It is suitable for people who want to turn their WP sites in to money making machine on autopilot.

There are no skills need to use this plugin and it is user friendly. As a matter of facts, it will not take you more than 15 minutes for an average person to start using it effectively.

The plugin is priced at $27 for a regular license and $47 for a pro license. I would recommend that you go for the pro version because it has more features than the regular. Of course it will depend on your pocket and if they are a little thin, it is okay to go for regular.

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