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Viddyoze Review – What is Inside of This Software

Viddyoze 3.0Have you been looking for a video creator that makes professional videos with minimal training? Viddyoze 3.0 is the way to go. Nowadays, people are preferring videos instead of reading through written material. This review covers features of Viddyoze 3.0 and summarized below:

Viddyoze  Overview


Viddyoze 3.0


Video & Social Media


Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside, david Chamberlain

Date Launched

May 01, 2018


$47 - $67

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30 Money Back Guarantee




What is Viddyoze ?

Viddyoze  is a cloud-based software that lets you create magnificent, high-quality and eye-catching videos with just a few clicks. It has over 80,000 users. It allows you to create 3D aminated videos that will give your business a huge lift. Originally released in 2015, it has gone through several alterations; Viddyoze, viddyoze 2.0 and the current version, Viddyoze 3.0. It is a web based that means that you do not have to install the software on your computer.

Compared to what it can do, Viddyoze is cheap. If you were to mimic the kind of videos you get with this software with other video makers, you find that you are only paying a fraction of the price.

About the Creator of Viddyoze ?

Joey Xoto is one of the cofounder of Viddyoze and is a renowned figure in the field of internet marketing. He has also developed other useful marketing tools such as Viddyoze Live Action, Prospectrr, Graphitii, Viddyoze 2.0 among other highly successful digital products. Others include Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain. The trio have been working tirelessly over the past year to perfect this cloud-based software. For a business to succeed, branding is a must and Joey Xoto says his business became successful because of branding. Viddyoze 3.0 emphasizes on branding with elements such as call-to-actions, Logo stingers, intros, outros Segueways and many more elements that will make your business stand out

Why Use Videos?

Like they said, a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is even better. Nowadays more and more people are opting to watch a video instead of reading text. It is also a known fact that our brains process visual faster than any reading material. Images from the video stick to the brain better than any read material.

Video has the highest return on investment compared to written material. One study published on HubSpot shows:

  • When you include a video on your landing page, you increase conversion by 80%
  • 64% of users who watch a video are more likely to buy the product shown on video
  • Everybody is watch videos on YouTube now. Every year YouTube views are increasing by 100% every year.

The above points are true when the video is of high quality and appealing. Majority of people who try to make videos without the proper tools fail miserably and their videos go nowhere.

To make a good quality video, you need to invest a sizable amount for buying high quality camera, graphics and a very expensive software. Also, you need to learn how to optimize your video which usually takes a long time. If you have ever made a video for your business with video editing software, you know what I am talking about.

Viddyoze 3.0 has come to solve all those problems at a fraction of time and price.

How Does The Current Version of Viddyoze Work?

After login in you can choose one template from around 150 templates. These templates are professional looking and are of high quality. They cover a variety of niches is hard to miss yours

You then add your own logo or any other text you want included and choose your color. Finally hit render and wait. Your amazing animation will be ready in no time.


Features of Viddyoze 3.0

3D Animations

You can create 3D animations of the highest quality within no time. It can be done within a minute and you do not need the training done in so many video software.

150 Customizable Templates

There are 150 customizable templates that cover almost any niche that include outros, logo stingers animations any many other appealing templates.


You will get weekly updates after you join the viddyoze club


Viddyoze Live Action

Viddyoze now offers the possibility of embedding your logo, text or any material on live video. This is a great asset when you are creating adds for your business. Videos made by this software used to cost a fortune to make a few years back. But not anymore.

Pros and Cons


  • Requires no training. Anybody can make superb videos and it is easy to follow
  • It is cloud based so no buying of super powerful computers
  • Videos are made in no time therefore saves time for doing other work.
  • No software to download.
  • Super support


  • Can be slow sometimes when everyone is using the software. But that is being taken care of now. In the future it will be fast all the times.


Viddyoze is an amazing cloud-based video creating software that creates high quality videos in the blink of a eye. It is perfect for the people who want to put their business on the next level.  Its price is reasonable compare to other video creating software in the market today. It’s price ranges from $47 to $67 depending on the addons to put on. If you want to create attention grabbing videos, Viddyoze is the way to go. I highly recommend this video creating software if you truly want your business high up there.

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