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Best DIY Used Car Battery Reconditioning /Refurbishing Programs in 2020 – Also Good For Other Batteries

Used car battery reconditioning/refurbishing or other types of batteries is one of the eco-friendliest methods that are available for reducing environmental impact footprint currently. Not only is battery reconditioning good for the environment but also good for your pockets too. You will save a lot of money by reusing old batteries.

Not only can you refurbish car batteries, but other kind as well including marine, wheelchair, and motorcycle batteries; in addition to other types of lead-acid electric batteries. The process of reconditioning requires a few inexpensive tools and some understanding. Almost anyone can do it, but you first need to understand how a battery works. In this article, we will focus on the best battery reconditioning programs that we have chosen among the many we have out there today.

Summary of the Best Battery Reconditioning programs

After going over tens of sites where they claim they can teach you how to recondition car batteries and various types of batteries, we were only left with two. These 2 have received a lot of good reviews and that’s why we won’t hesitate to recommend them to you.

1st Place


EZ Battery Reconditioning
  • Bring used old batteries to life again easily
  • Save $1000 over lifetime
  • Refurbish and resell batteries for profits
  • Learn how to increase the life of your batteries


Battery Reconditioning 4 You
  • Save $1000s restoring old batteries
  • make a lot of cash selling refurbished batteries
  • Easy to learn. No experience needed
  • Your order is risk free with 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Below is a brief look at why the above battery refurbishing programs were voted the best. 

EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ-Battery-Reconditioning-and-Battery-Business-GuideEZ Battery Reconditioning comes as an ebook and is available in PDF format. Tom Ericcson and Frank Thompson are the geniuses behind the creation of the EZ Battery Reconditioning. This ebook is loaded with valuable material that can make you a lot of cash. It will teach you how to revive a dead battery and repair them. You will also learn how you can earn money by purchasing dead and old batteries that were thrown away that you can recondition and sell them to make a profit.

Also, you can use this program for your personal use. Remember buying new batteries on a monthly basis can put a strain on your budget, particularly if your budget is a limited one. EZ Battery Reconditioning guide can help you solve this problem.

According to the EZ Battery Reconditioning creators, this is a solid program where you will be taught step-by-step how to revive dead batteries.

The EZ Battery Reconditioning eBook is organized into 21 chapters that make it easy for people to choose their favorite topics and then follow them. Refurbishing your own old batteries has never been easier.

Who are the EZ Battery Reconditioning Creators?

As previously mentioned, Tom Ericcson and Frank Thompson wrote EZ Battery Reconditioning. The two men met at a company where Tom was working. Frank would come in to pick up dead batteries from the company. Tom was curious and asked Frank what he was doing with the dead batteries. Frank told him he refurbished the batteries and sold them to earn money. They decided to write a guide to teach people how they could restore old batteries. This is how the EZ Battery Reconditioning eBook got started.

What are the Features of EZ Battery Reconditioning?

  • It comes with diagrams and pictures that even beginners without any practical experience can benefit from the program.
  • Organized neatly into 21 chapters.
  • Reveals the secret of where you can buy deep cycle batteries and tools to make it easier to recondition batteries.
  • It provides simple tricks that can help with examining batteries before buying them. The tricks can help people save a lot of time, energy, and money.
  • Thorough information on how to use a multi-meter for testing in order to determine the potential for reconditioning.
  • You will be taught easy steps on how any electronic device can be converted into a portable device using batteries and used anytime and anywhere even there is not an electrical supply.
  • Free lifetime updates whenever a new kind of battery is introduced into the market, you will be given a complete guide for how to recondition them without needing to pay more money.

Where Can You Purchase the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide?

The guide is available online in the form of an ebook from Clickbank. The process of downloading the EZ Battery Reconditioning ebook is very simple. Immediately after payment, you will be given instant access to the members’ area. You can then either download the ebook on your phone or computer or read it online.

No experience is necessary to begin refurbishing batteries.  In this course the authors have explained every step with detailed diagrams and pictures, making it easy to refurbish old batteries even you are a beginner.

Does EZ Battery Reconditioning Come with Bonus?

After purchasing this course, you will receive 3 bonuses.

  • Bonus 1: Refurbishing batteries for profit guide. The guide teaches you a series of steps for setting up your own business and selling reconditioned batteries to companies and individuals.
  • Bonus 2: A guide that teaches you simple steps that may easily double your battery’s life. Whether you want to increase the life of a Car battery, Laptop battery, or Smartphone battery, you can simply follow the basic steps to increase the life of the battery.
  • Bonus 3: Free lifetime updates since the world continues to change rapidly and new kinds of batteries constantly come on the market. The program’s authors have decided to continuously offer free updates on new types of batteries.

Battery Reconditioning 4 You

Battery Reconditioning 4 You with Lifetime UpdatesBattery Reconditioning 4 You is a step-by-step comprehensive method for restoring old or dead batteries to make them like new once again. The product is the ideal guide for reviving and selling old batteries. It will not just reduce the costs of your batteries needs, but you can also earn some extra income and make a small business from it.

The creators of this program know that to maximize profit, you need as little overhead as possible. They have designed this program such that you will use around 90% of the tool you already have at home in order to make a battery for your family and yourself. This unique concept is one that can be used in all homes. It is very easy to implement what is learned in the course. After you buy it, you will be able to use it that same day.

The ebook contains a wide range of knowledge in terms of using batteries. It will provide you with details on different kinds of batteries that are available and how they can be reconditioned.

Who Are the Authors Battery Reconditioning 4 You?

This ebook was created by Joe and David. Joe worked for an IT company for 16 years at a job that did not pay him very well. Then one day he suddenly lost his job. Fortunately, his friend David, an engineer, also lost his job. David had started his own part-time business and was searching for a partner. His business was refurbishing old batteries. Joe jumped in to help his friend David. He was a fast learner and got up to speed in the business within a few days.  After mastering the business, Joe got the idea to put a course together about reconditioning ‘dead’ batteries to make them ‘like new’ once again. That was the start of the Battery Reconditioning 4 You program.

What are the Features Contained in Battery Reconditioning 4 You?

  • This is the ideal guide to help you create your very own business.
  • Your old batteries can be used which can save you a lot of money.
  • It isn’t necessary to be a battery reconditioning professional. The instructions are quite clear, and it has a very simple process flow.
  • Learn everything about batteries, how to recondition them, and their lifespan.
  • Hundreds of people have used this system already for reconditioning their batteries.
  • The instructions teach you how to source batteries.
  • You will be able to start this kind of business easily and without a lot of effort.
  • You also will be provided with instructions on how the system can be used to revive your old batteries.

Where Can Battery Reconditioning 4 You Be Purchased?

You can immediately download the eBook after purchasing it via Clickbank. You will then be able to read and follow the easy step-by-step guide from your smartphone or computer. After you have paid, you are taken directly to the member’s area where your download can be accessed. It is a very simple process.

Does Battery Reconditioning 4 You Come With Any Bonus?

Yes, after your purchase you will be able to access 3 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: A guide on how to start your own reconditioning business that teaches you who to start a profitable business quickly by picking up dead and old “throwaway” batteries and then selling them for large profits.
  • Bonus 2: A guide on how to maximize battery performance and lifespan. This bonus will take you how to properly take care of batteries in order to increases their performance by as much as 150% and extend their lifespan without having to spend any money.
  • Bonus 3: Free Lifetime Updates: The Battery Reconditioning 4 You authors stay up to date on all the latest advancements and research in the battery reconditioning field. They keep the system updated so that all the information remains cutting-edge and current.

Why Refurbish Used Batteries?

Replacing batteries can be quite expensive. Whether it is non-replaceable batteries inside of modern phones, car batteries, or laptop batteries, they are very expensive to repair.

In some situations, replacement batteries are not available for old devices, since they are not in stock any longer.

Reconditioning batteries makes it possible to preserve battery function and fresh them so they will work the way they did in the past, to give you enough charge and save you lots of money.

Also, It is better for the environment since it is difficult to recycle batteries and they normally end up in the garbage, leaking chemicals and making a significant impact on the well-being of our planet. Imagine not ever needing to purchase batteries again for major devices since you can just recondition them instead.

You will save money and time and plenty of hassle down the road. There are practically no disadvantages to reconditioning batteries other than needing to put in a little effort, and you will discover that is easy to do this.

When Reconditioning Batteries Are There Any Potential Dangers?

If handled improperly batteries can be quite dangerous, particularly if you are not wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

It is critical to wear gloves and glasses to make sure that none of the battery acid leaks out and burns your skin or any other parts of your body that the acid could come into contact with.

Batteries can explode as well under certain circumstances, particularly if they are treated poorly and mishandled.

If you start to recondition a battery and then realize it is damaged, leaking, or cracked, it is critical to dispose of this batter as soon as you can. At this point, the battery is unsafe and it better to dispose of it since it can no longer be fixed when it is in this state.

Finally, a battery should not be reconditioned more than three to four times. Although battery reconditioning is a good way to extend its life, as more time goes on, eventually it will wear out and each time it is reconditioned you will get diminishing returns.

A reconditioned battery can last for several years when you continue to work on it. However, it will get worse eventually, and recondition can end up harming a battery more than it helps it.

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