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Have you lately seen a video of 2 people texting each other on Facebook or other social media? I am sure you do, and you paid so much attention to it. The fact is that these types of videos are going viral. The reason that they are going viral is that the text messages are conveying personal messages that people can relate to and they have emotions in them. Making such videos takes a lot of time to create them or at least they did before the creation of TXTVideo, a revolutionary software for converting SMS/Text messages in to a video.

Let us look at Full review of TXTVideo.

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Jamie Ohler

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November 15, 2018


$57 - $67

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What is TXTVideo?


TXTVideo is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software that transform SMS/Text messages in to awesome short videos that are full of emotions and will leave the viewer glued to your videos until the end. Imagine being able to transfer those emotions to the viewers? One successful business man said emotions play a big role when someone is buying something. Now you can turn your audience in to paying customers through these engaging videos.

Like I mentioned earlier, making this type of videos takes a lot of time and money and that is why only the big companies could afford it. They knew that this technic left the audience engaged and ROA was awesome. Now, anybody can afford this technology that was reserved for only for the big companies.

The SMS/Text videos produced y this software can be used as Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or on any other platform. You can even make promotional videos for other businesses and charge them.

Who Is The Creator of TXTVideo?

TXTVideo was created by Jamie Ohler a renowned internet marketer who is behind very successful products such as Socializer DropMock Scene Creator, Fusion by DropMock and many more. Ohler understand fellow marketers’ problem and he is blessed to create solutions to those problems.

How Does TXTVideo Software Work?

You can create stunning and engaging videos in 3 simple steps. You do not need classes to use this software. Even a 10-year-old can do it.

Step 1

Login – After login in you can just begin creating your videos from text messages. You can select the image of a person you are supposed to be texting. There are several other customizations you can do in this step.

Step 2

Creating your story – This is the step where you make your text messages. You can make them look like it is between you and your customer or anything you like. You must think outside the box here. Think on a conversation that is captivating that people would want to see or here. The one thing you are guaranteed is that people will not overlook you text video. Be creative and you will get all the traffic you will need. Do not try to be formal as that is not how the world is.

Step 3

Download – This is the final part. After you finish the video, you can download it with only one click and share it to social media site. Sit back and watch the newly created video going Viral.

What Are the Features of TXTVideo?

Below are some of the features of this Amazing software that is going to change the way we market

TXTVideo is cloud-based

Whether you have a powerful computer or not, TXTVideo can work perfectly for you to create those engaging videos because it is cloud-based. You do not need to download anything, and you can work on any machine that is connected to the internet.

Easy conversation creator

Yes, there are conversation scrips provided but you are in full control of how your text videos will look like. You can change these scripts to your liking

Editable Template

There are several editable templates hat you can customize to your liking. Items such as battery life, text changing, your contact image, their name can be changed.

 Fast and simple rendering

Rendering of the newly created video is easy fast and simple. Remember that people are moving from reading information to video because people have become lazy. People are attention to stories being told on videos rather than written. To feed these people with fresh content, you need a software that works fast. TXTVideo is built around a technology that render video 10 times faster than other video creators.

1-Click download

You can download your rendered video with an easy 1-click. You can download the video on any device that can do so such as tablets, smartphones, PC you name it.

Share video instantly to top social media sites

TXTVideo has an inbuilt platform that can let you share your created video to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Imagine being on these social media giants with an engaging video like the one you just created.

Who Is TXTVideo Designed For?

It is designed for basically anybody with a business. People like affiliate marketers, online stores owners and anybody who have a business. TXTVideo has the power to raise your business to a higher level.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can not be wrong with a software like TXTVideo for the work it is going to do to your business or your client’s. Its current price is ($57-$67) which cannot be compared to the benefits that you will reap from this Amazing software. This software is newly launched, and you are encouraged to use it now before the people get used to it and stop responding to such videos.

Are There Upsells?

Yes, there are 3 upsells but you do not need them to use TXTVideo. They are there to enhance the original software.

OTO 1: TXTVideo Elite Member – $27/M or $147/Year

You will have professional templates deigned experienced professional delivered to you every month. With this upgrade, you can create longer videos up to 30 minutes for keeping your audience more engaged.

OTO 2: TXTVideo Business Toolkit – $147

In this upgrade, you will gain all the necessary knowledge of launching your own TXTVideo product. It will train you how to get deals from people who want to create text videos.

OTO 3: TXTVideo Extensive Bootcamp Training – $97

This features a lot of training for creating engaging text videos and make the audience paying customers.

Why Should You Buy TXTVideo?

As a business man, exposure of your business to the right people is the key to success. Whether online or offline, getting people who are interested with what you are offering has always been a problem. TXTVideo has come to change all that as it has proven to create very engaging video stories that are grabbing people’s attention.

Some wise man said a picture is worth a thousand words, but we say a video is even more. Videos created with this software are showing great open rates and shares since they are engaging and simple.

Imagine where your business would be if you made text videos 6 months ago and went viral. Now you have an opportunity to do so and put it on auto pilot.

Every marketer need this tool and it is not hard to use it. As a matter of facts, you can make very engaging text videos within the first 30 minutes you purchase TXTVideo.

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