Top 5 Best Police Auctions Sites

Want to know the locations of the current police and government auto auctions where they start from $100? We have done research for you so you don't have to. We went through tens of auction sites but only 5 were frequently updated. This is a review site and we only review the best and that is why we won't hesitate to recommend the top 5 auction websites to you.

  Advertising Disclosure: We receive commission when you join these auction sites through links on this site. However we try to rank them based on reviews and merits



  • Government seized Cars Trucks & SUVs
  • 4,000+ Live US Auctions
  • Clean title cars
  • Police car auctions
  • Listings in Every State
  • Auctions Start From $100



Government Auctions org
  • Government seized vehicles and boats
  • Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures
  • Police car auctions
  • State by State listings
  • 1000s of other items
  • BBB accredited



Auction Resources
  • Federal online auctions
  • Over +4000 live auctions  
  • State by state auction search
  •  Free customer support
  • Thousands of new listing each week
  • 60 Day 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee



Sheriff Auctions
  • Government-seized cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Seized motorcycles
  • Local area auctions listings
  • Easy access to all auctions
  • 24-hour 7-day a week access to all databases
  • 30 Day 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee



Car Auction Inc
  • Government seized Cars Trucks & SUVs
  • Over +5000 auction sources 
  • Clean title cars
  • All major makes and models
  • No License Required to participate.
  • Vehicles up to 95% off Kelly Bluebook Value


Tips for Buying Cars at Government or Police Car Auctions

These auctions by the government and police will work in the same manner as any auctions would.  You will bid on an item or lot that you want to buy and when the bidding is done, the highest bidder will win.  When you are at the auction, there are some tips that you should follow to get the best deal at these auctions.

Arrive Early

Man in AuctionThe first tip is to arrive early to the auction.  When you arrive early, you will have the chance to pick the best car and start working on the checks.  It is important that you check the Vehicle Identification Numbers and ensure this matches the paperwork and vehicle. 

You also need to look over the mechanics of the car.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you should take a mechanically minded friend with you to check the vehicles.  When you are sure about the mechanics, vehicle history and suitability for your needs, you will be able to determine the top price you want to pay.

Bring Cash

Most of the government and police auctions will only take cash.  Some of them will allow other arrangements for financing the purchase.  However, these auctions are rare, and it is best to bring the cash for your bid with you or be ready to write a check.

Do Your Research

Before you place any bids, you need to know what the expected value of the vehicle is.  This will ensure that you do not pay more than you should for the vehicle.  Before the auction starts, you will have a chance to check the cars. Also, you should bear in mind that the car you get from these auctions will not be in perfect condition and they are likely to have some defects. 

Get the Vehicle History

CarFaxYou need to see more about the history of the car before you bid and you can use AutoCheck, Carfax or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.  While the vehicle history report will not tell you everything about the vehicle, it will provide you with an idea of the wear on the car.  There are also important events that will be flagged on the report such as the vehicle being in an accident and the maintenance record. 

Inspect the Vehicle

When you inspect the car, you need to check for any discoloration sports which are a signal that the car has been in an accident.  You should also use the VIN to check if there are any accidents in the vehicle’s history.  Carfax is a good site to check this information. Signs of water damage should also be looked at and this will include salt residue on the door panels and the carpets. 

Take Note of the People at the Auction

You need to take your time and look at all the cars and auction goers.  Suspicious actions should be noted such as people who are actively bidding on every vehicle or lot.  These people might be trying to inflate the prices.  It is recommended that you attend several auctions before the one you want to participate in.  Getting to know the players can help you win your car.

Keep Your Cool

When the bidding starts, it is very easy to get swept up, but you need to keep your limits in mind and keep your cool.  Do not get involved in a bidding war if you do not have to.  You do not want to spend the time getting to the auction only to pay more for the car than you would at a dealership.

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