Storymate Review – Create High Converting Video Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Would you like a viral load of traffic from social media that is absolutely free? Then pay attention to a new application known as Storymate created by Luke Maguire. Launched on January 16, 2019, Storymate is the first of its kind tool that can create viral stories and post on Facebook and Instagram. In return, you will get a boat load of traffic to your websites or your offers. In other words, you will save a lot of cash the on you would have otherwise used for advertising. Let us look briefly at what this application is capable of.

Storymate Overview





Luke Maguire

Date Launched

January 16, 2019


$42 - $47

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What is Storymate?


It is a tool that that can create professional, beautiful and high-converting video stories to be used mainly on Instagram and Facebook. Also, these video stories are created from premade templates therefore it is very easy to create one.

I am pretty sure that you have come across a video story on Facebook or Instagram that subtly made you pay attention to the message in the video. Similarly, Storymate will do the same.

There are 2.27 billion users of Facebook currently and the number keeps growing by day. Likewise, there are 1 billion Instagram users today. Imagine getting a chunk of those users visit your site! Also, story posting is growing 15 times faster than news feed posting because of their engagement. Similarly, Storymate is expected to engage users due to the design of the templates.

The pre-made templates are very appealing such that everyone will pay attention to them and the message they are conveying.

Also, it is estimated that 3/5 of Instagram users and 10% of Facebook users are using stories and its growing fast. Storymate will help you tap that traffic which free and willing to see what you have to offer. In the essence, Storymate is a must for any marketer due to the free traffic you will get.

What Are the Features of Storymate?

Let’s see what you will get when you buy Storymate.

Increase your conversions instantly through insta stories

Increasing Conversion

This software will create amazing and viral stories from a variety of professional looking templates and allow you to post on Facebook and Instagram.

Have your users never have to worry about being on camera

Upload Content

Users can upload anything they want, therefore they don’t have to be on camera. Also, they can use the royalty free content available when you join this amazing app.

Create niche specific content

Niche Specific

You can create content for various niche such as:

1. Ecom stores
2. Local business’s
3. Personal profiles
4. Affiliate offers

Build Your Email List Easily

email list

With Storymate, you can create brand specific call to actions to build your email list from your facebook & Instagram followers.

Send users direct to your website on a mass scale

Swipe Up

Storymate uses pre-made call-to-action builder such as swipe up that will force people to read your story and click through it.

Worlds First Tool To Enable INSTA & FB Template creation from your desktop

Template Creator

Create professional stories from your desktop that sync direct to instagram & fb.

In a nutshell, let me summarize the features you will get when you purchase Storymate;

  • Receive enormous traffic from Facebook and Instagram free of charge.
  • Very appealing pre-made templates to convey your video messages beautifully.
  • Create viral content for driving traffic to your site.
  • Create professional, beautiful video stories for Facebook.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Only a few clicks and your viral video is ready.
  • 1-click post to Facebook and Instagram.

You can do much more with Storymate to grow your traffic and put your business to the next level. As I mentioned earlier, this is a must have tool for all the marketers who want to succeed.

Who Is the Creator of Storymate?

Storymate is created by Luke Maguire, a name behind very may successful products. Likewise, his products have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Maguire is a known name with a vast knowledge of internet marketing. Some of his most successful products include;

  • Socialite Pro – A video training series that taught marketers how to dominate the social media. Originally launched on Septeber 24, 2014, this program has helped many businesses step up their social media campaigns without burning the pockets. In addition, this product netted hundreds of sales on JVZoo.
  • Octosuite – This one is one of Maguires most successful product. In fact, it has sold over 12,000 copies. It is one of the best programs out there that can manage your social media campaign. Also, it creates fresh viral content and post it automatically. This in turn brings a tone of trafficto your offers.
  • Viral Autobots – Likewise, this application sold over 7000 copies and is still selling today. Launched in December 09, 2015, this program is designed to find the most viral content and videos, upload, schedule and monetize them automatically. It uploads these posts to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for your Facebook fan page.
  • CryptoSuite – A training to teach people how to trade lucratively with crypto currency. Thousands of users are enjoying the gains as a result of training from this product.

Maguire has created many other products that have helped a lot of net entrepreneurs. The above products are only a few to attest the quality of Storymate. It is going to be a hit since he is known to create quality products.

Are There Bonuses Offered?

Yes. For people who will buy storymate within the first day of it’s launch, you will get bonuses (VALUED AT $990) Shown below from Luke McGuire. I will also give you my special bonuses valued at a lot of money. Click here to see my bonuses.

Storymate Bonuses From Luke McGuire


Bottomline About Storymate

Storymate only cost $42 – $47 but you are going to get your money back 100 times perhaps 1000 times from the traffic you will generate after using Storymate. Also, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you don’t like it, you will get a full refund. I highly doubt that you will even ask for a refund because this application is a real deal.

My one question is; what are you going to lose by just trying Storymate? Nothing! Because you can have your money back if you don’t like it. I will tell you one thing! All you will do is gain from the flood of traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

Do not hesitate to join. Jump on the bandwagon and lift your online business to a higher level.

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You Will Get The Following Bonuses If You Buy Storymate Through My Site


Facebook Quiz Creator

WP Facebook Quiz Creator
  • Raise Engagement For Your Page
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LeadBook Generator

LeadBook Generator
  • Facebook Leads Added to Your List Automatically
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  • No Costly Month to Months Charges
  • Connect to Unlimited Lists


Evergreen Infographics Pack

Evergreen Infographics
  • 70+ Fresh High Quality Infographics
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Crush it With YouTube

Crush it with YouTube
  • Become a part of the YouTube legacy
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Twitter Traffic Raceway

Twitter Traffic Racewa
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  • Much More


Facebook Stampede

Facebook Stampede
  • Creating An Action Plan For Your Business
  • Getting Your Brand Ready For Facebook
  • Free Facebook Traffic Methods
  • Create Awesome Viral Content


LinkedIn Success

Linkedin Success
  • Creating Killer Business Profile
  • Utilizing Linkedin To Increase Leads
  • Secrets to Finding Prospects
  • Mistakes to Avoid


Facebook Webinar Pro Plugin

Facebook Webinar Pro Plugin
  • Creating Amazing Webinar Landing Pages
  • Collect Leads Inside of WP
  • Unlimited Webinar Pages
  • Easy to Use and Install


WP YouTube Leads Plugin

WP YouTube Leads Plugin
  • Create Custom Headlines
  • Enhance User Engagement
  • Increase Your Mailing list
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Facebook Retargeting Decoded

Facebook Retargeting Decoded
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Rapid Instagram Profits 

Rapid Instagram Profits
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Viral List Autopilot

Viral List Autopilot
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WP Viral Traffic Ninja

WP Viral Traffic Ninja
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  • Fully Automated WordPress Traffic
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X-Treme List Build Plugin

X-Treme List Build Plugin
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  • Integrate Aweber, MailChimp and More 
  • A Lot More


WP SEO Track Plugin 

WP SEO Track Plugin
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  • A Lot More


Step 1 - Order Storymate Through My Site.

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Step 3 - Enjoy Your Bonuses.

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