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How does getting free traffic endlessly on autopilot from Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest sound? Then stay tuned to my review of the Social Traffic Bot. In this review, I am going to focus on what this WordPress plugin constitutes, price and whether it is worth your time. There are a lot of similar application, but I am going to go in to detail why you need to pay attention to Social Traffic Bot.

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Dan Green

Date Launched

December 20, 2018


 $15 - $17

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30-day Money Back Guarantee




What is Social Traffic Bot?

Social Traffic Bot

Nothing is as bad as having a good product to sell but with no traffic. Let’s face it, pay per click has gone way over the roof and is unaffordable for small businesses anymore. Likewise, advertising on social media sites search as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. has become unreachable for small scale businesses.

Luckily, there is a new tool that will let you all the traffic you want on autopilot 24-7 that is set to be launched on December 20, 2018 known as Social Traffic Bot. Furthermore, the traffic you will get is free and will not cost you anything.

 Social Traffic Bot is designed to get traffic from the 3 main social media sites namely Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, it is a 3-in-1 software that works for you on autopilot.

The way Social Traffic Bot works is by creating viral content to your business profile all done on auto pilot. Furthermore, you will get real followers who will turn in to your web visitors who are interested n your offers. Also, setting up this software is very easy any one can do it in no time. In addition to getting followers and traffic, this software is designed to let follower’s crossover from different profiles that you will create. This is one way of creating a viral spiral that will lead to more traffic.

How Does Social Traffic Bot Work?

It is very simple to use Social Traffic bot. As a matter of facts, only 3 simple steps are involved that you can learn within a few minutes.

Step 1

This is the 1st step where you create a new campaign and connect it to your social networks. It is a simple step unlike other applications where you go through so many steps and still mess up.

Social Traffic Bot Step 1

Step 2

In this step, you choose where you want your content from. You can get the content from YouTube, bogs, RSS feeds and many other places you like. The plugin will pull fresh relevant content from your specified sources and post and share it automatically for you.

Social Traffic Bot Step 2

Step 3

This step involves setting your “viral spiral” promotion. After you set it, the software will help your social profiles grow automatically.

Social Traffic Bot Step 3

Watch a demo of this plugin below.

Social Traffic Bot Demo


Who is the creator of Social Traffic Bot?

This amazing software is created by Dan Green, a marketer who has gain a lot of knowledge in internet marketing over the years. Not only has Dan have vast knowledge in internet marketing, but also has created other amazing products that have helped thousands achieve their marketing goal.

Some of Dan most successful products include; WP Tweet Machine, Wp SociMate, Viral Traffic, WP FanMachine and may more. In fact, Social Traffic Bot is more advanced that his best-selling products because he has been doing research on how to improve his products.

Dan saw how getting converting traffic is getting harder and harder therefore he sat down and with his experience and knowledge, he created a tool that every internet marketer would love.

What Are the Features of Social Traffic Bot?

Social Traffic Bot comes with so many features that enables social media traffic of your site endlessly. Some of the features include:

  • Over the shoulder quick start videos.
  • 2 minutes settup – It features easy setup once you buy the software. In fact, you can run this software within minutes after going through an easy to follow tutorial.
  • Social Traffic Bot can post the most relevant viral content to your Facebook page, Pinterest Board and Instagram feed every day. Furthermore, it does this on autopilot everyday like clockwork hands-free.
  • “Viral Spiral” self promoting social profiles done automatically.
  • It is a set and forget application which needs minimal input from you. Once you set it for a campaign, just sit back and watch real followers start to grow.
  • It has the capability of running several campaigns at once. Thus, it is good for those with several businesses.
  • Social Traffic Bot can be integrated with your WordPress sites therefore all the new content you post will automatically be posted on the social profiles.
  • It can work for any niche or any website.
  • Add custom SPINTAX intros and headlines to your content.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Fully scalable and repeatable. 
  • Enormous time saver.
  • Fully automated traffic with people interested with what you have to offer.

Bottomline About Social Traffic Bot

This is a must have software for those marketers that want to increase traffic on their websites. Moreover, this traffic is free and the people coming to your site are interested with what you have to offer.

Social Traffic Bot is priced so cheaply, at $15 – $17 depending on the number of campaigns  you want to run. $17 is for unlimited campaigns while $15 is for 3 campaigns only. There is no reason for you not to get it. Besides, it comes with 30-day money back guarantee therefore if you do not like it, just ask for a refund. You will get it no question asked.

Just imagine what extra free targeted traffic can do to your business of affiliate offers. Also, how about the exposure that you will get? Imagine how much you could use on pay per click for the same traffic! $15 is nothing compare to what you will get. Furthermore, this fee will repay itself hundreds of times more.

If you are on the fence about getting this Social Traffic Bot, jump on the bandwagon without hesitation and get it. You will not regret it.

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