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NinjaShoppe Store Builder is a powerful software that can help marketers create lucrative affiliate stores with a click of a button. These stores are created instantly with 1-click and are populated with products from top e-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon AliExpress, and many more. Let gets a little deeper and see what this amazing software is made of.

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What is NinjaShoppe Store Builder?

NinjaShoppe Store BuilderIt is a cloud-based app if you want to call it that can create with a 1-click, multiple lucrative affiliate sites. It can pull hot products from sites like Amazon, eBay and many more and publish them on your site. Not only does it get hot products from these site, but also spin the product description to make it unique for search engines. Remember when they said that “content is King”, you will never be penalized for duplicate content after creating these sites with NinjaShoppe Store Builder.

Also, these sites created by NinjaShoppe are mobile optimized. Apart from the unique content the software produces, it also pulls video reviews to give your products substance. At the click of a button, you can have an optimized affiliate website created by this software in 60 seconds.

This software is cloudbased that means that there is no software to download. If you have a computer connected to the internet you can create stuniing affiliate websites. You do not need to buy a powerful computer to use this software. It can be accessed with any device that connects to the internet such as iPads, tablets, phone etc.

NinjaShoppe Store Builder has made it possible to automate creation of lucrative affiliate sits. With this software, earning up to $1000 a day is possible, and the sky is the limit. Due to the uniqueness of the content, social media connections, and awesome video reviews, your sites can rank high on search engines. People will flood to your site which mean earning up to $1000 is very possible.

About the Creators of NinjaShoppe Store Builder

NinjaShoppe Store Builder was created by Dr. Amit Pareek, who is well known for creating variety of affiliate marketing software. His products have been bought by 1000s of people and are praised for their quality. Some of those products include; VideoWhizz Pro, a video personalization and customization software for maximum engagement. This is one of tens of great products Dr. Pareek has created.

This product is an improvement of ShopMozo, a software like NinjaShoppe which is also a cloud-based. The improvement is that the traffic now comes not only from social media, but also search engines.

If you have ever bought any of Pareek’s products, you will know that NinjaShoppe is a great product of high quality.

Features of NinjaShoppe Store Builder

  • Create unique unlimited affiliates stores.
  • Able to pull deals from Amazon and post them on the site.
  • Can choose between 5 different color themes.
  • It is programed to include SEO optimization while creating sites.
  • Able to target geographical regions.
  • Created websites look beautiful, but you can make them look more beautiful by adding things like sliders.
  • Able to drive tons of traffic from social media sites. Through a secret formula
  • Can add your chosen products manually form Amazon and the rest of sites.
  • It uses a spinner that works marvelously in creating unique content for product descriptions. You will not be penalized by search engines.
  • You will be able to see statistics of how customers engage in your site.
  • Allows you to let customers add items into a cart. This is handy when it comes to Amazon affiliate which allows 90-cookie for items added in a cart.
  • Create mobile friendly websites therefore a greater audience.
  • One-time fee only. There are no monthly charges.
  • Can create the sites in multiple languages.

The Process

Creating stunning and lucrative affiliate websites have never been easier. NinjaShoppe Store builder is kind of its own store builder that creates these websites in a matter of secnds. Below is a summary of the process you will go through to create a website. It is so easy to use the software even a 10-year-old can do it with no problems.

  1. Sign in to the cloud -based software and fill in a few details.
  2. Fill in your keyword to gather the most lucrative products in the niche
  3. Publish the site and start enjoying the free viral social traffic you will get.

Why Should I Buy NinjaShoppe Store Builder?

  1. NinjaShoppe Store builder software will slash the time required to build one site by much. Some of affiliate marketers spend an incredibly a long time creating a website for their affiliate products.  On average, many affiliate sites take a day to build. This software takes 60 seconds to make one and perhaps 5 minutes more if you want to customize it a little bit more. How much time have you saved in one day which you can use to do other things?
  2. Due to capabilities of this software to create multiple lucrative sites intently within seconds, you have a chance of creating many income streams. Earning up to $1000 a day seems a dream but not anymore with NinjaShoppe store builder.


NinjaShoppe Store builder is one of the best software for creating lucrative affiliate sites instantly. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this software will help you achieve your financial goals by creating multiple streams of income for you. This software is the first fully automated to create stunning affiliate websites and at the same time drive a lot of traffic to your offers. It is designed in a way that once your website is up and running, viral social traffic will start flowing in. Also search engines like websites that have high traffic. They see the importance of the site and hence place the sites higher on the search engines. Within no time, you will enjoy targeted traffic from websites.

The ball is on your side now. If you want to reap good fruits now and years to come, it is time that you get the NinjaShoppe Store Builder.

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