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Local SEO Pro Review – What is Inside of this Software

People are saying that SEO is dead and is not worth it, but the real fact is that it is not. To conquer the relentless Google updates, you must stay ahead of the game. Local SEO Pro is a perfect software that will help you achieve the best results. How does waking up in the morning and finding your business among the top 3 in the SERP result for your local keyword sound? This software will let your business site achieve just that. This article describes how Local SEO Pro works

Local SEO Pro Overview


Local SEO Pro


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How Does Local SEO Pro Work?

Local SEO Pro

You must understand for your site to rank well on Google, you need good number of backlinks and citations. Sometimes p

eople try to cut corners and pump their sites with crappy backlinks which doesn’t go far. Google algorithm is becoming smarter in detecting these types of backlinks. To avoid all these, it is a good idea to build backlinks the right way such as when using Local SEO pro.

Local SEO Pro works by crawling the internet and searching for high quality domains with high domain authority for your chosen niche. It is a desktop software which you install on your computer and is very powerful in solving backlinks and citation problems.

About the Person Behind Local SEO Pro

Andy BlackThe software was created by Andy Black, an established marketer and a product creator. Among other products he has created in the past are, vRankerPro, Social Link MachineSEO Mindshift and many more. Andy surely understands search engine optimization.

He has devoted his energy on SEO and the ever-changing search engine algorithm. Major factors that search engines look for in ranking sites are his primary ocus.

Local SEO Pro Features

Below are some of the tasks this software can accomplish:

Get 1000s of Backlinks

Within no time, this software can gather 1000s of places you can post your backlink and get the much-needed link juice. It is very simple to use this software. Just input your keyword and customize a little bit and then hit enter. Within no time you will be having 1000s of places you can post your backlinks.

Endless Backlinks

Determine Backlink Metrics

Even though you will retrieve 1000s of backlinks, not all have good metric such as Page Authority and Domain Authority. Local SEO Pro has the capability of detecting these metrics therefore you won’t post your backlinks on useless sites.

Backlinks Metrics

After making your list with this amazing software, all the metrics can be retrieved for every site on your list. You can then export it to your computer. These data is gathered from Moz and includes DA, PA, Moz rank and many more features you need for link building.

Retrieved Metrics

Find Backlinks Specifically for Your Niche

Any backlink from an authority site is good but a backlink from an authority site and in your niche is golden. If you have these kinds of links, you do not need to work so hard to rank your site. This software can pull authority sites from your niche.

Uncover Competitors Citation

Local SEO Pro is an amazing software that can help you track your competitor’s citations. This software will let you know how the top-ranking sites’ backlink profile looks like. You can then post your links on those sites plus more. Your competitors will be left in the dust as your site spring to the 1st page top spot.

Competitor Citation

Who is This Software For?

This software Is perfect anybody who need his site at the top spot on major search engines. If you have a niche site, you have the capability of knocking your competitors of the chart with this software.




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