FB SociCake Review – Is This Facebook Marketing Software Worth It?

Designed by the same person that has created very successful products such as Vidditive, Commission Revolution and many others, FB SociCake is an exceptional tool that combines 10 Facebook solutions for the price of one. In fact, it is like a give-away compared to what it will do to your business. You do not need any other tool to drive Facebook traffic to your business. Also, FB SociCake does not only drive traffic to your online business, it drives traffic to your offline offers too.  Certainly, this program will help you generate more highly targeted leads from Facebook. Can you imagine what it will do to your business having people who are looking for what you are offering at your fingertips.

FB SociCake is what any internet marketer who wants to drive their business to a higher-level need If we go by the past products of the creator of this software. It is an all-in-one Facebook marketing suite that will make FB marketing easier and reachable to any marketer.

FB SociCake Overview





Mario Brown

Date Launched

January 5, 2019


Launch - $27, 5 day later - $47

Sales Page


30-Day Money Back Guarantee




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What is FB SociCake?


FB SociCake is an all-in-one Facebook software that is designed to put your lead subscription to another level through 10 fully powered Facebook tools. Some of the features include; messenger bots, messenger broadcasting, comment bots, ad and content designer and 6 more powerful tools that will put your business to another level.

No one has ever bundled very useful tools together like in FB SociCake where every tool count towards your success. In fact, each tool is worth the same amount of money the whole bundle is costing now and there is no reason not to get it.

 I shall discuss the role of each tool included in this all-in-one software in details below.

What Are the Features of FB SociCake?

Now let us look at every feature that is making FB SociCake a must-have tool for any marketer.

Rich Post Editor

Rich Post Editor

An amazing tool that let your post standout on Facebook. Remember in a normal Facebook post, you do not have the capability to add boldface, underline, italics strikeout etc. But with Rich Post Editor, all is possible resulting to people noticing your post or comment, better engagement which leads to more leads and sales.

Facebook Post Manager

Post Manager

This is one of the best tools among the 10 as it relieves you from manual posting of your posts. It is like set and forget where you can create, schedule a variety of post types. Some of the posts include video posts, image posts, call to action posts, slide shows and many other types of posts. Also, all this can be done for multiple Facebook pages and multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously.

Clickable Images Creator

Clickable Images

I am pretty sure that you have posted an image on Facebook but has no way of attaching it to a URL so that whenever a person clicks it, he is directed to your site. As part of FB SociCake, this tool will help you create and schedule unlimited images that are clickable. Due to this feature alone, you can increase your site traffic by many folds. People like images and if you have an appealing image, people are likely to click through. Also, you can schedule these image posts across multiple pages and multiple accounts simultaneously.

Messenger Bot Builder

Messenger Bot Builder

This tool is by itself worth up to $97 which can create messenger bots and automate responding to Facebook messages when someone visit your page. This is a very cool feature as the visitor thinks that they are responding to a live person. Furthermore, this tool will raise your engagement and build a huge list of leads from the engagement. In addition, just like the other tolls mentioned above, you can create unlimited messenger bots across multiple pages or Facebook accounts.

Messenger Broadcasting

Messenger Broadcasting

With this tool you can send bulk broadcast, content updates and notifications to your messenger contacts list or those who have engaged with your page before. Remember messenger has an 80% open rate, therefore your notifications will be seen. Also, like other tools included in FB SociCake, you can send unlimited broadcasts to unlimited subscribers. In addition, these broadcasts can be sent to unlimited pages and unlimited Facebook accounts. This is a perfect tool for blasting promotional messages.

Comment Auto Responder

Comment Bot

 This tool also increases engagement as it responds to visitors’ comments with an automated message that you set. It responds to any one who make a comment on your posts whether publicly of privately. Also, the messages that you set for auto response can be based on the keyword that the user uses. In addition, you can set a default general response message for any comment. You can set as many responses as you want.

SociCake Inviter

FB Fan Inviter

 Whoever likes your comment is automatically invited to your fan page thanks to SociCake Inviter. As you know, people who like certain post do not necessarily like your fan page. You can have people liking one of your post and not the fan page itself. You can try requesting each person who likes your post to like your fan page which will be time consuming or you can let SociCake Inviter to mass invite them.  It is a chrome extension that works perfectly and designed to reduce being flagged out as using a bot to invite people to your fan page.  

Content Designer And Facebook Ads

FB Ads Designer

Whether you are a good graphic designer, or you have zero design skills, this tool is a must have if you want traffic pulling images. It is time to make your Timeline Covers, Facebook posts, viral quotes Memes and anything you like posting stand out. Designing an eye-catching image has never been easier with over 1423 premium templates to choose from. Likewise, there are 7.5 million stock images and 450,000 viral quotes to choose from. To me, this is the most crucial tool of all as humans tend to respond to images. The better the image, the better he engagement.

Optin Link

Optin Link

This tool is perfect for capturing name and email address of those who click on it without going through a landing page of an optin form. After setup and creating the link, you can post it with your other posts. Whenever a person clicks on it, it requests email and name. This tool is a must have for those wishing to create a huge list.

FB Livecast Engine

As the name suggests, this tool broadcast prerecorded video live on Facebook account and you can do it on multiple accounts from one dashboard. It is a set and forget system where when you set it, you can do other staff as the live video is going on.

How Does SociCake Work?

Watch this small preview of all the 10 tools.


Who is the Creator of FB SociCake?

This software is created by Mario Brown a name behind very many successful internet marketing tools that have helped thousands reach their goals. For instance, among the most highly products include; FB Video Ads Formula, FBV Commission Profits, Viddictive and many more.

Mario has been doing internet marketing for a long time and he understands its challenges. Indeed, he has been looking for solutions to those problems and managed to solve some thorough the products that he has launched.

Are there Upsells?

Yes, there is a front end and 4 upsells

Front End – FB SociCake >>>>>>>$27

OTO #1 – SociCake Pro >>>>>$47

OTO #2 – FB Academy >>>>>$47

OTO #3 – Social Media Agency Kit >>>>>$47

OTO #4 – Whitelabel/Reseller >>>>>$47

Bottomline About FB SociCake

In my opinion, FB SociCake is a revolutionary software comprising of 10 very useful tools that are beneficial to any marketer. In fact, its current price of $27 is nothing compare to what it will do to your marketing efforts. One tool alone can cost the same amount, $27, and others could cost over $97.

$27 is the launch price and is set to raise after 5 days.

This software is a kill, getting 10 amazing tools for the price of one. As you can see from the review of each tool above, the SociCake cuts your time setting Facebook pages by up to 90%. It also helps your post gain high engagement leading to more leads and sales.

Moreover, FB SociCake comes with a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you do not like it which I highly doubt. $27 is peanuts compared to what you will get after applying all the tools to work for your pages.

I urge you not to hesitate and get FB SociCake while it is available. It will be available for only 5 days for the price of $27 for a commercial license then it will revert to $47

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You Will Get The Following Bonuses If You Buy SociCake Through My Site


Facebook Quiz Creator

WP Facebook Quiz Creator
  • Raise Engagement For Your Page
  • Grow Your Traffic Through Engagement
  • Visitors Stays Longer on Page
  • Keep Visitors Entertained


LeadBook Generator

LeadBook Generator
  • Facebook Leads Added to Your List Automatically
  • Works With Any AutoResponder
  • No Costly Month to Months Charges
  • Connect to Unlimited Lists


Evergreen Infographics Pack

Evergreen Infographics
  • 70+ Fresh High Quality Infographics
  • Use as Marketing Materials
  • Good For Social Media Sites
  • Can Be Used on Blogs, Product Lines


Crush it With YouTube

Crush it with YouTube
  • Become a part of the YouTube legacy
  • Increase Your website traffic by following our proven methods and strategies
  • Optimize YT videos for effectiveness
  • Much More


Twitter Traffic Raceway

Twitter Traffic Racewa
  • Writing an Effective Tweet For Traffic
  • Determining Your Target Audience
  • Use Twitter to Build Your List
  • Much More


Facebook Stampede

Facebook Stampede
  • Creating An Action Plan For Your Business
  • Getting Your Brand Ready For Facebook
  • Free Facebook Traffic Methods
  • Create Awesome Viral Content


LinkedIn Success

Linkedin Success
  • Creating Killer Business Profile
  • Utilizing Linkedin To Increase Leads
  • Secrets to Finding Prospects
  • Mistakes to Avoid


Facebook Webinar Pro Plugin

Facebook Webinar Pro Plugin
  • Creating Amazing Webinar Landing Pages
  • Collect Leads Inside of WP
  • Unlimited Webinar Pages
  • Easy to Use and Install


WP YouTube Leads Plugin

WP YouTube Leads Plugin
  • Create Custom Headlines
  • Enhance User Engagement
  • Increase Your Mailing list
  • Easy to Use and Install


Facebook Retargeting Decoded

Facebook Retargeting Decoded
  • How to Use Power of Retargeting on FB
  • Visual Map of FB Retargeting
  • Adding Pixel to Your Website
  • Retargeting Campaign Setup


Rapid Instagram Profits 

Rapid Instagram Profits
  • Learn Lucrative Niche on IG
  • Find IG Influencers in Your Niche
  • How to Reverse Engineer Niche Influencer's Content
  • Engaging With Niche Influencers


Viral List Autopilot

Viral List Autopilot
  • Create Higher Converting List
  • Leveraging Other People's Lists For Maximum profits 
  • Building  List on Autopilot Using Power of Social media
  • Untapped Viral Strategy


WP Viral Traffic Ninja

WP Viral Traffic Ninja
  • Plugin to Get You Unlimited Free Traffic
  • Use The Power of Viral Traffic 
  • Fully Automated WordPress Traffic
  • Simple to Install and Use


X-Treme List Build Plugin

X-Treme List Build Plugin
  • Create Memorable and Engaging Landing Pages
  • Engaging Content With YouTube Background 
  • Integrate Aweber, MailChimp and More 
  • A Lot More


WP SEO Track Plugin 

WP SEO Track Plugin
  • Setup Inside WordPress Quick and Easy
  • Get a Clear Vision of What Your Site's SEO Needs
  • Get More Effective Backlinks From Google, Facebook, Twitter And More 
  • A Lot More


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