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Ez Magic Video is a powerful video creation software that features a human spokesman. With this new software, you can create any video for any project with an actual live spokesman. Also, you can sell the videos you created with this software. Below is an overview of this amazing video creation software.

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Todd Gross, Matt Bush

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May 14, 2018



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What is Ez Magic Video?

Ez Magic VideoWe are living in an age of videos and about 90% of online marketers are using videos as a way of compelling customers to buy what they have to offer. Videos are known to engage viewers and over 85% of people buy a product after they watch a video. Over half of the population around the world are now watching videos online. Having a compelling video will drive a lot of sales to your offers.

To make such compelling video usually takes time and resources and you must hire actors. Or it was so until Ez Magic Video showed up. This software has come to change all that. It is the worlds first live action video creator with real people and not animations. The best part about this software is that you can control what you want the human spokes person to say. Forget going to Fiverr to look for people to create a video for your sales letter. You can do I yourself in less than 3 minutes.

There are 1000s of option and when creating videos with this software. Also, the software is loud-based therefore you do not need powerful computer to create these videos. Of course, these videos are yours and you are free to sell them or create for others and get paid. The license you get after purchase is for unlimited video creation, so the sky is the limit with what you can create. You can have the human spokesperson say whatever you want line by line.

About the Creators of Ez Magic Video

Todd Gross and Matt Bush are the creators of Ez Magic Video a very innovative video creation software. Both are well experienced and have spent years researching and creating other video software that are in a class of their own just like Ez Magic Video. Todd Gross have had several successes in video software such as Video Jeet, Video Marketing Publisher, Video Auto Profits and many more succesiful video products.

Matt Bush also have very succesiful ideo products such as Video Agency Studio, Local Animation Studio, Instant video Machine and many more high-quality video products.

Together, they have combined their insurmountable knowledge gathered throughout the years to create the world’s best live action video creator.

Features of Ez Magic Video

  • Capability to choose what each live spokesman says line by line.
  • Easy to follow training included. It is in form of a video but if you prefer text, it is there too.
  • No need to hire actors or video creators from Fiverr and other places. It is easy to create the videos with just pointing and clicking.
  • Beautiful backgrounds and graphics. There are numerous soundtracks available too.
  • The software is cloud-based therefore no need of powerful computers to make your videos.
  • Literally 1000s of clips to customize to your own liking.
  • Several spokespersons to choose from including to himself.
  • Ability to sell your videos through the training included in the member area.
  • You can background with logo inside the live video and it looks like it was recorded at your business.
  • And many more features .

Are there Bonuses?

There are 6 bonuses included with your purchase shown below.

  1. The first bonus features 15 background images which you can use while making your videos on this software or any other that allows backgrounds.
  2. 10 live action video backgrounds which can be used on any video creator.
  3.  Lower third images you can use on your videos.
  4. 10 outros you can use with any video creator
  5. Business card template for those who want to commercialize video creation with Ez Magic Video.
  6. Over 100 additional royalty free music tracks for your video creation projects.

The Process

Creating your videos is so easy with Ez Magic Video. It involves 3 steps that anybody can do.

Step 1

Select your spokesperson. There are several spokes person to choose from including Todd Gross.

Step 2

Build your script. There are thousands of premade scripts you can select that cover a wide range of topics.

Step 3

Choose your options. Here is where you choose your background and other items such as lower third and background music.

Step 4

Render. Within 90 seconds, your video should be ready.

Why Should I Buy Ez Magic Video?

  1. To give your business another lifeline as mentioned earlier, people are more likely to buy from you after watching a video. The spokesperson in this software are persuasive and can convince your visitors for action. You can create these videos at a fraction of what is charged in the market today.
  2. To start a video creation agency. After purchase, you re granted unlimited access and video creation you can use for your clients. Sky is the limit and as a matter of facts, how to create your own video agency training is included.


Ez Magic Video is one of the best live action video creation software in the world today. You can choose from thousands of pre-recorded scripts that match any kind of business. There are hundreds of other beautiful features included in this software such as background music, images live actions and many more.

You do not need to hire actors or very expensive video creators on Fiverr to make great videos that will drive your business to the next level. Ez Magic Video can be used to make 1000s of videos for your clients. Creating your own video agency is part of the training you will get after joining Ez Magic Video. If you are on the edge of joining, dive in for the success of your business will depend on your decision.

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