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Easy Infographics Wizard Review– Create Stunning Inforgraphics

Easy Infographics Wizard is a must have software for creating eye-catching graphics for online business. Ever wondered why big-name businesses succeed so well in branding? It is because they know that appealing infographics attract the eyes of potential customers and they have invested heavily on them. Until now, the infographics were only accessible to these big companies because of the cost. The creator of this software has made it available to every day Joe in business such that you do not have to use a fortune to get amazing infographics. Below is an overview of Easy Infographics Wizard.

Easy Infographics Wizard Overview


Easy Infographics Wizard




Noel Cunningham

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May 18, 2018



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What is Easy Infographics Wizard?

Easy Infographics WizardEasy Infographics Wizard is an online software for creating eye-catching infographics in a matter of minutes. It features 100s of pre-made templates you can choose from and customize to your own liking. You can also start designing an infographic from the scratch with this software.

Also, creating graphics is so easy especially when you are using the inbuilt templates. You just point and click, change text and you will be good to go.

Since the software is based online, you can create these amazing images from any computer one does not need to buy an expensive computer for creating this graphics. Whether you like using Mac or PC, you can access the software since it’s online.

About the Creator of Easy Infographics Wizard

This Amazing software was created by Noel Cunninham, a renowned marketer who has created other great products that have helped 1000s of marketer. Some of his products include; Easy Ad Wizard, Banner Crate, Logo Crate, Easy Ad Wizard, eCover Wizard Pro among others.

He is a well-respected marketer who is earning a 6 figure and he would like to share his secrets with his new software.

Features of Easy Infographics Wizard

  • Upon purchase, you can start creating unlimited superb looking infographics. You will be stunned by how good they are especially when using the built-in templates.
  • 100s of built eye-catching graphics. You will be overwhelmed in choosing the one you want because all of them are good.
  • It can be used n either Mac or PC. No worries if you own a Mac, the software is online therefore you can use a tablet, PC, Mac or phones.
  • Software is easy to use, and you can start using it in about 10 minutes after going through an easy-to-follow tutorial.
  • Also, there are 10 HD ready-made templates for your immediate use after purchase.
  • Support is superb, and they respond in no time.

The Process of Making Stunning Infographics

With only a few steps, you will be able to create stunning images you can use on your websites or for your clients. The following are the simple steps you need to take.

Step 1

After login for the first time, you will be taken to a screen with all the resources and the software. You can begin by watching the tutorial videos if you are new.

Step 2

Go to the software and choose template from the 100s already in there. You can start editing the template to your liking by drag and drop. There are a lot of features for editing.

Step 3

After you finish designing the graphics, you can download them on your computer through the export feature. All this is done with only a few minutes. Also creating your own infographics is also easy if you follow the tutorial.

Why Should I Buy Easy Infographics Wizard?

  1. Major businesses have known the secret of using eye-catching infographics for a long time. Now it is your turn to do a makeover for your business. By using these types of graphics, your business will be visible to thousands of potential customers through social media. You know good looking images are shared a lot on social sites. It is time for your business to be visible to 1000’s of customers.
  2. Also, other websites will start linking to your infographics and hence start receiving high quality backlinks. This will in turn make you site valuable to google therefore your site will rise in SERP which means a lot of organic targeted traffic


Every website needs good appealing graphics if it wants to attract people. Easy Infographics Wizard is the software to do just that. It creates stunning infographics within minutes. There are 100s of well designed templates you can use, or you can start from the scratch.

It features drag and drop therefore anybody can do it after watching the tutorial. This can be done within minutes of purchasing the software. The price is very fair compared to what it can do to your business. Moreover, there s no software to install on your computer. It is all done online.

As the wise men were true when they said that a picture is worth a thousand words. An image with good graphics such as those made with Easy Infographics Wizard will attract more people than those poorly made.

Do not hesitate to buy this software. If you do, your business will be hesitating to due to lack of good graphics.

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