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Winco generators have been on the market for over 90 years and the company continues to excell in power generation field. Having being in the field for a long time, Winco has perfected their generators and we can certainly say that all of their products are top knotch. However, even as being of high quality, there are those Winco generators that are better than others. We are a review website and we went through customers reviews to see which generators are the best. After going through thousands of reviews, we narrowed down the list to onle the 10 best listed below.

Helpful Tips On Buying Winco Generators

In 1927, the Winco brothers built what they called a Windcharger, a wind generator, and this led them to start the Winco company. It was a device that helped to provide the power needed by power radios by providing its six-volt storage battery the charge it needed. In 1935, they started mass production of these generators, in Sioux City, Iowa.

Winco introduced several generators in the successive very successful years of business. In 1950, for instance, they developed Power Take Off generators. These Winco generators used the power takeoff from tractors to run them. 1952 led to the introduction of a full line of engine-driven generators, which were portable and had applications in both industry and commerce.

The company continued with its research development activities and this, in 1955, helped in the creation of automatic idle control for portable generators. This allowed Winco generators to have better fuel efficiency, longer engine life, and to be quiet in operation. In 1964, Winco introduced their designs for their generators, Full-Power and Maxi-Watt. These designs gave generators that had greater voltage capacity. In 1970, Winco introduced to the market packaged standby generators, that could be connected to a power grid through the use of a transfer switch.

Types of Generators Made by Winco

Portable Generators

1990 was the year in which Winco introduced its portable generators. They gave these generators the brand name Dyna. The main idea behind these generators was to allow its users to move around while they provided backup power for homes or use with power tools on worksites.

These generators are small and lightweight, making them good for practical use by people. The smallest models were ideal for camping and other outdoor activities as they were able to provide power for mobile electronics and lanterns.

Tri-Fuel Generators

These Winco tri-fuel generators were introduced in 2003 for the residential market. The design of these generators provided clean power that could be used for all electronic gadgets normally used in homes, from smartphones to air conditioners. When you choose the Winco generator that is best suited for you, you will have to decide on the fuel that your generator will use. Research and reviews regarding these generators will lead you to these models capable of accomodating three different types of fuel.

Tri-Fuel generators can work with liquid propane, unleaded gasoline, and natural gas. Natural gas is mostly used when you use the transfer switch to connect the structure’s grid and the generator.

 Power Take Off Generators (PTO)

These generators were developed by Winco in 1950. These Winco generators were run through the power they got from the power takeoff drive from tractors. In 1952, Winco introduced a line of generators that were portable while being engine-driven and were useful for both commercial and industrial applications.

Features of the Best Winco Generators

Electric Start

Most of the generators made by Winco have an electric start. This greatly reduces the effort to get the engine going quickly. Models can come with a key that needs to be turned on, just as you would do to start a car. Other models may have a push-button for starting the engine.

High-Quality Engines

Several brands of high-quality engines are used by Winco. These include Straton Vanguard, Briggs, and Honda. These engines go through rigorous testing so that their ability to undergo frequent use and to provide power and durability is ensured.

Other features that protect the engine are ide control, that is available on some models. This device can reduce the noise produced by the generator.

Low-Oil Shutdown

This is a feature that helps to protect the engine of the generator. Engine lubrication needs oil. Any dearth of lubrication can lead to engine damage. This low-oil shutdown feature allows the generator to turn itself off when oil levels are low, and this prevents any engine damage.

Low Harmonic Distortion

High harmonic distortion can result in damage to smartphones and other small electronics when they are connected to a generator.  The generators from Winco are designed to have a low total harmonic distortion so that you do not have to worry about power surges that can harm these small electronics or cause other related damage.

Outlets and Voltage

Every generator model will have its specific outlet type. You will need to consider what you need to have plugged in, and then choose a generator with an outlet that accommodates all your essential items. Some models can handle both 120 and 240 volts, thus allowing you to connect both small and bigger items.

Models can come with overload protection. This prevents the generator from exceeding its maximum wattage and thus prevents the unit from getting damaged, or causing damage to the items that you have plugged in. 

Durable Materials

A variety of metal and steel types are used by Winco. Alternators will have copper windings and durable insulation. The use of these materials allows the use of the generator without having to worry about problems of premature structural integrity.

Solid Run-Time

Many of the generators that are made by Winco have run times that are above the average. So, they can be used on a worksite for eight hours without having to bother about refueling. This allows you to save a lot of time, as there is no need to shut off the generator due to low fuel, at a time when the power is most needed.


Winco generators come in various sizes. The heavier models can come equipped with wheel kits or are capable of having them installed. Wheel kits have handles that enable the generator to be pulled easily, and wheels that never go flat.

Ease of Use

Winco generators are designed for easy use. All controls are in one area and from here they can be easily started, controlled, or monitored. As a result, it is easy to learn how to use the generator and its features within just a few days.

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