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Updated Jul 2024

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We have done the research for you and below are the best voiceover software in the market today. Don’t just take our word for it; click on the “See Voiceover Samples” button to see for yourself. You can instantly create a voiceover for your project with these real human voices with real word inflection at a fraction of the price.

  • Create human-like voiceovers with 3 simple clicks.
  • Transform any text into speech.
  • Over 30 human-sounding voices.
  • No more expensive voiceover artists and unreliable freelancers.
  • $47 one time payment.
Human Synthesis Studio
  • Real human voices with real words inflection.
  • Create your voiceover instantly. Don't waits for days.
  • No installation. 100% web-based
  • Best voiceover software at fraction of price
Newscaster Vocalizer
  • Natural neural voice over in 27 languages.
  • No skills required. Just input your text.
  • Virtually unlimited voice overs.
  • No installation. 100% cloud-based.
  • $69 one time payment for 1 year.
Wave Net Vocalizer
  • 84 lifelike voices in 27 languages and dialects.
  • Point and click- No technical skills required.
  • Create unlimited number of voice-overs.
  • 100% cloud-based software.
  • $69 one time payment for 1 year.
  • 36 AI human like voices in 16 languages and dialect.
  • Converts any text into human-like speech.
  • Save money with unlimited voice overs.
  • Cloud-based software.
  • $46 one time payment.

Why Are the Above Voiceover Software the Best?

We evaluated a couple of factors in ranking the above software. One of the factors included human-like sounding with actual words inflection, just like you would typically get when you hire a real human being as a voice actor. Other factors included price, ease of use, money-back guarantee, etc. Below, we have looked at every software listed above in detail. 


SpeecheloSpeechelo is a text-to-speech online-based software. When you put words into this software, it converts the text into close-to-human-sounding voices. Speechelo is one of the latest and best text-to-speech software programs on the market that often sounds like a real person talking, including the tones and the pauses.

Speechelo Tube is another version of Speechelo, where you can download the text from YouTube videos. This software can even convert the text into different languages with the assistance of Speech Eco. It is also possible to earn an income from these videos.

Speechelo uses three different tones that include Serious, Joyful, and Regular. Every voice sounds realistic. On the Speechelo Homepage, you will find a promotional video that was created using Speechelo Video. We suggest that you watch it to find out for yourself that this is an app you will enjoy using. The price of this software is also very affordable.

How Does Speechelo Work?

Speechelo is mainly used to convert text into voices. Here are the steps it takes to complete these tasks:

Step One:

The first step is to select the text you want to convert into voice in your language.

Step Two:

After choosing your selected text, you will need to select a language that you want the text converted into. You can select from three tones: Serious, Joyful, or Normal.

Step Three:

After a few seconds, the text will be generated into voices. You can either download this file or install it into a project of your choosing.


  • You can efficiently and professionally convert text into the voice from audio tracks.
  • Even beginners find this software easy to use
  • There are no limits to how much text you would like to convert.
  • The voices are of high-quality and sound realistic.
  • There are more than 30 human-sounding voices with this software.


  • Except for English, a few other languages tend to sound slightly robotic.

Human Synthesys Studio

Human Synthesis StudioThis cloud-based software was created by Todd Gross and provides lifelike human voices that will come across the way you want them to. The software uses real people, real-human voices,  and text-to-speech that produces high-quality, lifelike voices to bring exactly what you want to bring to your audience.

When using Human Synthesys Studio, you access cutting-edge, high-quality technology known as “Humatars.” This latest type of Avatar is not an Avatar at all.

It is rather real humans that pose and speak for 10 hours. The artificial intelligence then examines the video to make sure the lip-sync is perfect. You can use this innovative software to connect with audiences at a deeper level. The Human Synthesys Studio is useful for creating ads, sales videos, demo videos, commercials, animated videos, training videos, and any other video type. You can use this product to open many doors for your company.

How  Does Human Synthesys Studio Work?

This software works in 4 easy and simple steps:

  • Choose your preferred Humatar.
  • Write the script (this is the script you want the Humatar to narrate).
  • Select a background (image, color, or video).


  • Since Human Synthesys Studio is cloud-based, you won’t need to install anything.
  • Easy for beginners or 100% newbies to use.
  • There is a walkthrough video tutorial included in helping you get started.
  • No technical skills or experience are required.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • You will need a stable internet connection to use this software.
  • You will need to contact support if you run into any issues.

Newscaster Vocalizer

Newscaster VocalizerNewscaster Vocalizer is one of the neural and innovative technologies that significantly improves and enhances speech quality and improves expression, and naturalness. These are two of the significant factors for creating living languages that are very close to human-like sounding voices. Human ears can distinguish between sports programs, narration, information problems, etc.

The Newscaster Vocalizer software allows users to generate human-sounding, traditional, and realistic voiceovers for their videos.

This latest text-to-speak software includes neural voices released recently by Amazon Polly Newscaster service.

How Does Newscaster Vocalizer Work?

In many Newscaster Vocalizer reviews, you will find information on how easy it is to use this program. From the Dashboard, you start by clicking Add new. You choose a name and the voice you want from the available list. You insert your text and click on the Create button, and the software will process the text within seconds. On completion, press Back to view the voice lists created. You will find the voices sounding quite natural and human-like. You can now delete, edit, or download the one you want. This type of software can help you save a lot of money on not paying voice actors.


  • Newscaster Vocalizer is an interface tool that is easy and quick to use.
  • It doesn’t require any skills or experience.
  • You are offered immediate assistance to solve any problems you may run into.
  • It only takes three easy steps to prepare a video.
  • There are many languages and voices to choose from.
  • This product is available with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


  • You cannot use the software if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Wave Net Vocalizer

Wave Net VocalizerWave Net Vocalizer is one of the first applications that allow you to completely exploit Wavenet and Google to create just the right voices for your sales videos, demo videos, link evaluation videos, or explanatory videos. You can also access Wavenet to create as many voices as you like without paying any fees. This program is easy to use, even if you are a complete newbie.

One of the main benefits of this software is the 57 real-life voices to choose from and 21 diverse languages from across the world. These features can also help you to reach international audiences.

How Does Wave Net Vocalizer Work?

This software does not require any technical-based skills, and just about anyone can use it since it only involves three easy drag and drops steps. To create your voiceover go to the main Dashboard. You will be required to log into your account to gain access to the User Area.

You click add new, enter a Filename, and choose a language. This system supports 84 female and male voice options and 21 languages. There are also samples of each of the voices available with this software.

The following step involves choosing your storage, which will be between Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

The last step simply involves copy-pasting the text into the edit box. There are various options available in this section. It would help if you chose to break strongly to break weak, say as cardinal or say as ordinal, decreased emphasis, strong emphasis, or moderate emphasis.

There is also a feature that will allow you to convert or translate a voice you have chosen into one or more other languages. From here, click on the create button to complete the task.

And before you know it, you have your very own voiceover. This software automatically uploads your creations to your chosen storage destination.

Remember that files will be deleted from local storage 48 hours after the creation, so you need to download the file and save it on your computer.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • No technical skills or experience required.
  • Friendly support staff available 24/7.
  • No requirements for 3rd tool support.
  • No setup or download required.


  • You cannot use this software without a reliable Internet connection.


SudoVoiceThis AI-enabled program converts text to a value-packed and easy-to-understand voiceover. The most advanced and latest cloud-based software has a text-to-voiceover conversion strength to create voiceovers in 16 different languages and dialects. It comes with 36 integrated human-like speech voices, so if you want your text generated into a video with either a sharp female voice or male deep voice, Sudovoice is the answer.

Sudovoice was created for modern users and businesses. This software is not only reliable and fast but also cost-effective. It is also compatible with several devices, including Chromebook, Linux, Mac, Tablets, and Windows.

SudoVoice is a superior neuro-linguistic voiceover software that will make your voiceover tasks much easier. The voiceover that SudoVoice generates is easy to save or download on the storage memory of your device. If you want to convert your text into multi-languages, you can choose as many languages or dialects as you like.


  • 16 languages and dialects.
  • 36 AI human-like voices.
  • $46 one-time payment.
  • Cloud-based software.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


  • This software requires a strong and reliable internet connection.

How to Choose the Right Voice-Over Actor

Choosing voiceover actors is one of those important techniques that you can use to enhance your marketing and advertising campaigns. Regardless of the ad type you plan to launch, you can enhance these benefits by using the ideal voice actor.

The professional voiceover actor you choose will help you bring across a message about your brand and provide essential information about your company’s services. But you may be wondering how to locate the best voiceover for your campaigns. Here are a few tips to help you select the right voiceover for your marketing campaigns.

Project Type

The information you are planning to present to an audience will determine the project type. Do you need a voice actor or talent for one of your sales commercials, a narration, or an explainer video?

Voice actors have different types of specialties. For example, some actors have an expressive voice, making them ideal for storytelling. Other voice actors are experienced in e-learning voiceovers. Some of these talents also have extensive experience in voice radio commercials.

To make it easier to find the right voice talent, here is a summary of your choice of voice talent types. This will also depend on the way you want your information delivered:

Select the Right Accent

Choosing the type of accent you need for your videos in the modern global marketplace is not always easy. If you are reaching out to international audiences using web videos, you should probably go for one of the middle-range British or American accents. A local accent may be a better option if you reach out to a target audience.

When creating videos for international audiences, keep in mind that English might be their second language, so the accent must be clear and understandable.

Choosing Between Female or Male Voiceover

Your ad campaigns might be gender-neutral or geared towards women or men. Choose a voiceover according to what the audience will relate to. Many people find female voices nurturing and soothing and male voices dominant and forceful. These things should be accounted for when you choose a voiceover talent.


The voiceover talent you should be choosing will also depend on what type of video you would like the person to voice. Your voice actor will also need precise directions if you want the script to be delivered perfectly. The voice actor should also be able to use a tone that reflects your brand’s guidelines.

Some voice talents are better suited for presenting explainer videos or online ads. They may have traditional presenter voices that you may associate with those late-night infomercials. If the piece is narrative-driven, you should choose a voice talent that can be more expressive. These types of talents are experts when it comes to using their voices to create a character or even a sense of drama

Match Your Voice Talent to Your Audience

There isn’t one “right” voice that will work for every type of video or audience. Using the wrong voice type for a specific audience could make the audience feel alienated. For example, if your videos are geared towards children, find an energetic and more expressive voice artist. If your audience is older, you should look for a voice talent that can come across as measured, deeper, and calmer.

Look for Voice Over Demos

Professional narrators have high-quality demos to display their styles and range. Listen carefully, and think about how this person would sound reading one of your scripts. Choose the three top candidates and then study these more in detail. It is also good to choose a voice actor that has already recorded eLearning voiceovers. If they only record commercials, this person may not offer the correct tone. If the narrator offers a poor demo, we suggest looking elsewhere. This actor may not have the necessary training.

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