Top 6 Best Tri-Fuel Generators - Jun 2024

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Looking for a tri-fuel generator that will last ages and efficient enough to save you bucks? we have compared them from customers reviews and opinions. The generators listed below have been praised for efficiency and durability.

Tri-Fuel Generator Buying Guide

Tri-Fuel Generators can run on 3 fuel types. This includes Gasoline and LPG or Propane, or natural gas

The ability to produce electricity with different fuels is very useful when a certain fuel type is not readily available in an emergency, during a power outage, in severe weather conditions, etc. This provides you with the assurance that your generator will continue to work when you have one or more fuel types available.

Tri-Fuel generators provide convenience when it comes to readiness to power essential appliances during power outages or when you are on-the-go.

While dual-fuel generators only operate on propane or gasoline, Tri-Fuel generators can also run on natural gas.

This is important if you are faced with an unexpected power outage, not just because you can add another fuel option when propane or gasoline is difficult to find. Many homes have a built-in natural gas line that carries on working even when the electrical grid has been shut down. This means you can directly tap your Tri-Fuel Generator into a continuous fuel supply.

Key Features of a Good Tri-Fuel Generator

The most common questions about the Tri-Fuel Generator centers around the fuel capacity of these generators, and how long the generator will run at half load or full load.

These generators take a fuel capacity of 7 gallons and run for 8 hours on a 50% load. 

Power Outlets

The Tri-Fuel Generators require a standard 5 – 20R 120 Volt outlets along with a twist-and-lock 120 or 240-volt L14-30R outlet. If you have more outlets it will give you more flexibility and the ability to multi-task.

The QuickStart feature ensures that you can get your generator started very quickly, and it also comes with a manual backup-start option. Handles and Wheels is another important feature. Some of the units are very heavy and being able to include wheels easily is important.

It is also important to research the reputation of the manufacturers when it comes to quality and service. Customer Reviews about high-quality Tri-Fuel generators are always reliable. You can find these reviews on Amazon and in this Article.

Safety Features

Output and Outlet covers that are adequately protected from outdoor elements and dust needs to come standard.

Overload Protection with Circuit Breakers is another must-have safety feature. To make sure your Tri-Fuel Generator lasts for as long as possible, it has to come with an Automatic Shut-Off when the engine levels have dropped below a safe level.

If there isn’t an Auto Shut-Off feature it could result in engine damage. Silent Operation is also desirable, which is why you should look for a muffler that keeps these engines quiet.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Tri-Fuel Generator

What benefits does the Tri-Fuel Generator hold over a whole-house, gas-based generator?

The Natural Gas Whole House Generator is a fixed installation that requires costly on-site repairs and mainenance. They also cost a lot more.

The Tri-Fuel Generators run when needed and cost a lot less and are also made easily available when faced with an emergency. 

Another main benefit is the ability to swap the generator out if you need a repair if your unit breaks down.

What type of maintenance does a Tri-Fuel Generator require?

Since the Tri-Fuel Generators also operate on natural gas, they require the same type of maintenance that is suggested for a gas generator. The Oil Filter and Oil should be changed after the initial 50 hours of use.

From there, you should look at changing these elements every 200 hours. Other items that need maintenance include the Air Filter and the Spark Plug, they also need to be cleaned periodically.

Is it possible to increase the power, and can a Tri-Fuel Generator accommodate this increase?

Many of the Tri-Fuel Generators will allow for an added synchronized AC coupled Generators that can be daisy-chained on which adds to the power-output. You need to confirm first before you couple your generator with another generator.

What do I need to know about wiring a Tri-Fuel Generator?

You do have the choice to install a transfer-switch with the sub-panel to handle critical loads. This should be done by an electrician, and this is regarded as a worthwhile investment. Without this installation, you are left with Power Strips and Power Cords.

Can I use a Tri-Fuel Generator to heat my house?

Many of the popular Tri-Fuel Generators easily run smaller-sized heat pumps and gas furnaces. It is also helpful to plan for your loads, but your generator should provide you with hot water and heat during outages.

Can I use this source of power to run sensitive devices and my computer?

Check on the specifications of the Tri-Fuel Generator. If it states that the AC output is pure-sine waves, then you can use this AC output for everything. If it doesn’t, it is not recommended to run sensitive electronics. Laptops are usually pretty hardy and usually still work with an AC power outlet with non-sine waves.

What should I do if my Tri-Fuel Generator breaks down or stops working?

Transport your Tri-Fuel Generator to your closest repair shop. These machines are generally simple and easy to repair. Having a portable spare generator can help in these instances.

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