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A PTO Generator is a versatile equipment every farmer must have. It uses the farm tractor’s mechanical energy to make electricity. But all PTO generators are not the same, there are some better than others. That is why we have taken the guesswork out and we have done research for you to bring you the best generators that are efficient and will last a long time. We have listed them below.

PTO Generators Buying Guide

PTO is an abbreviation for power to take off. PTO generator is a tractor generator that enables you to quickly transform your most preferred farm equipment into a portable power plants. It allows for the conversion of energy from tractor outer shaft into electricity, where there is minimal loss.

Advantages of PTO Generators

If you run a ranch or a farm, the following are some of the reasons why tractor generators are your perfect companion:


A tractor generator will be able to quickly provide power to numerous locations of your farm, which makes it critical to your operations. In addition, when it comes to repairs, you can easily do so using various tools that you can find in your machine shed.

The tractor generator is very flexible which means that you can quickly take power to various areas of your farm where it is needed.

Home Backup

The PTO generator will also be able to supply backup power to most private homes when there is a power outage. With this generator in your home, you will be able to easily provide power to your home in case of a blackout. This generator just needs diesel fuel with a properly functioning tractor to provide your home with power when there are outages.

When the generator is properly installed, it transfers power more easily. It’s an overall easy process when there are compatible transfers, therefore, the connection is fast.

Reduced Operational and Maintenance Costs

Considering that tractor generators have fewer internal components and require less upkeep than a gas engine, you will appreciate how easy a tractor generator is to maintain. Go for models that have maintenance-free bearings and a brushless generator.

Lower Cost

Investing in a tractor generator essentially means that you get to utilize the engine that you are already familiar with and have confidence in, your tractor.

What you achieve with this is the capacity to get a greater powered generator at a fraction of the price. This translates to a savings of 50% or more as compared to investing in an equivalent diesel engine.

Whenever a farmer buys this PTO generator, then they will be utilizing an engine that is trusted and has a good reputation, and it is the tractor.

Long Shelf Life

The machine can remain unused for as long as you want. Its effectiveness and efficiency remain unaffected despite its inactivity. What’s only required is the original source of power, the tractor, to be up and running. Provided that the power source is running, the tractor generator will function continuously.

When this is utilized, the farmer will achieve higher generator power and comparable for the low prices.

How To Choose the Best PTO Generator For Your Needs

Size and Capacity

Size is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a PTO generator. When talking about size, we aren’t just referring to its physical dimensions but also its capacity. Your tractor’s horsepower is the best determinant for the PTO generator’s size. The PTO generator only requires around two horsepower to produce a 1-kilowatt output. In general, smaller-sized PTOs operate at 540 RPM while bigger models operate at 1000 RPM. A majority of tractors can run at both speeds and the inputs for both are normally available with most tractor-driven generators. But in case the tractor you own has the capacity for only the one-speed option, then you should go for the PTO that matches the tractors speed option.

Electric Output

Another factor to put into consideration is the features of the generator. Normally, there are two kinds produced by PTO generators: three-phase and single she. The single-phase kind has a similar capacity as your home’s wall socket. For requirements that involve 480 or 280 volts, three-phase electricity is required.


Same as with other kinds of purchases, reliability is a top consideration. Therefore, go for a top brand that is highly confident in their brand that they include f and low-cost service and repairs.

There is nothing better than having the assurance of its durability and the peace of mind associated with knowing that experts will handle anything that goes wrong.

 Added Accessories

To help make your life easier extra accessories are usually included to help make one’s life more convenient.

A trailer provides for greater mobility and in addition, it minimizes the hassle and unwanted weight.

PTO drive shaft is another extra accessory.  It is needed when hooking up the PTO between the generator and the tractor.

Types of PTO Generators

Mechanical Shift vs Clutch Shift

The mechanical shift tractor generators are utilized with manual transmission tractors and operate with the assistance of air pressure and a lever or a cable.

When operation this kind of PTO, you have to make sure that you stop the transmission before engaging the PTO. When this isn’t done, it will most likely result in transmission damage.

On the other hand, the Clutch Shift is mainly utilized in automatic transmission. The clutch shift is engaged by the forced interaction of the friction plate and the clutch disk when hydraulic pressure or air is applied on an internal piston.

Constant Mesh or Shiftable Input

Tractor generators are also grouped as Shift able Input Style: this includes engaging the PTO  by using the transmission gear to slide the input gear in and out the meshing.

Constant Mesh is the second variation and it involves full-time meshing using the transmission gear while the PTO is engaged. Of the two, the Constant Mesh is leat likely to negatively affect your transmission.

Additional Benefits of PTO Generators

Portable generators are incredibly handy devices. But how does exactly decide what type and size of PTO is ideal for you? Based on your requirements, there 4 various styles to choose from.

All generators transform an alternative kind of fuel like natural gas, propane, diesel, and gasoline into electric power.

This enables the utilization of appliances, recharging batteries, and any other task that needs electricity whenever a power outage occurs, or when there isn’t electricity.

Owning a generator is more like owning your own mini power plant.

There are 4 kinds of generators available and they include Standby, Power, Portable, Power Take Off (PTO) and RV (Recreational vehicle). All of these generators vary in terms of output and size. Therefore, choose the one that will cater to your needs most.  

Portable come in four different styles such as recreational, professional, and emergency.

Recreational generators are suitable for campsites and occasional usage. They run on gas  and have a wattage ranging from 1,000-3,000. Emergency generators are suitable for homestead and sporadic use. They run on gas, natural gas or LP and have a wattage ranging from 3,000 – 17,500. Professional generators are suitable for job sites. They are driven by gas or diesel engines, and have wattage ranging from 3,000 – 15,000.

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