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  • Features 5 layers of CertiPUR-US certified foams which delivers superior comfort while sleeping
  • It offers optimal level of firmness to support you, but it is also gentle on your pressure points
  • Excellent motion isolation as it contours to your body shape superbly
  • Sleeps cool as the the high quality foam helps dissipate heat
  • 365-night trial and Forever warranty
  • Perfect for all sleepers types and body types
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials


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Nectar Mattress Full Mattress

Nectar-Mattress-With-LadyThe Nectar Mattress is slowly but surely becoming a preferred (favorite) mattress option for many people. This is thanks to the wide range of features, benefits, and the lush feel that this mattress has to offer. Many users can finally find comfort with its durable design and impressive memory foam.  The memory foam has an integrated, unique airflow design with a premium woven fabric to protect the mattress from external factors.  The blend of classic memory foam and modern technology is what makes Nectar Mattresses one of a kind.  You are thus assured of comfort and improved temperature regulation throughout the night.

Nectar isn’t just in the business to make money selling mattresses. The company offers a no-obligation trial whereby customers can buy and try a mattress of their choice for up to one year. If, for one reason or another, the customer isn’t satisfied with the mattress, he/she can arrange for it to be returned. A full refund is issued once the mattress is returned to the stores. Nectar mattresses have a bed bug resistance feature too.  This feature has a lifetime replacement cover.  If satisfied with the quality of the mattress, the company will continue to offer customer support for as long as you have their product. This is quite an incentive considering mattresses can last at least 8 years before a replacement is needed.

Who is the Nectar Mattress For?

  • Anyone that loves the cuddly feel of memory foam will find Nectar mattresses appealing. The mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified quality foam that hugs every contour of your body, thus giving you a comfortable and restful sleep. Foam mattresses are popularly known for their lumber support, and pressure relief on all other pressure points in the body.
  • If you are among those that prefer trying a mattress for longer before making the final decision, Nectar offers a 365-night trial option to allow you to try their line of mattresses. There’s also a ‘Forever Warranty’ aimed at giving you peace of mind whenever using these mattresses. The long trial period offered shows how confident Nectar is with their products.
  • Any sleeper type. Whatever your preferred sleeping position is, Nectar mattresses have the support and comfort you need.  This is thanks to its ability to support the trunk, hips, and lower backs comfortably.


$250 OFF  

How Firm are Nectar Mattresses?

Only one firmness level is available with the Nectar mattress. The mattress is specially designed to be of medium density/firmness. This is to say; the mattress is neither too soft nor too firm for anyone’s liking. The Nectar mattress is thus an excellent option for all, and especially those that sleep on their stomachs, and individuals with a heavier body build.  To help you understand better, the Nectar mattress is rated 5/10 in terms of standard firmness. This is the most preferred/ideal firmness for most sleepers.


This mattress features a high-density memory foam that makes it durable and long lasting. The high-density foam is capable of absorbing your weight, as well as take on your body contours and curves, leaving you to sleep soundly at night.  For optimum support as well as comfort, the mattress is built with a 3/inch standard memory foam housed by a 1-inch gel foam in the form of a quilted cover. The two-work hand in hand to provide the maximum comfort and support possible.

How is the Nectar Mattress Built?

This mattress is made up of 5 separate layers in a breathable cover.  The materials used to manufacture the Nectar mattress are of the highest quality possible, a factor that makes them perform optimally in weight distribution and reduced pressure points. The package has a whole 11-inch thickness in the form of a mattress, which aims at giving you all the comfort and support you need while you sleep. The layers include:

The Cover (1st layer): This is the part responsible for keeping the mattress fresh and well aerated, as well as keep bugs and dust out. The Cover is made of a durable and bedbug-resistant Tencel fabric.

Nectar-Mattress-Cross-Section2nd Layer:  Made of gel memory foam, in a quilted cover; this layer is designed to keep you cool and relaxed (maximum comfort) while you sleep. The gel memory foam helps eliminate excess pressure and heat.

3rd Layer:  This layer contains the key ingredient in making Nectar mattresses comfortable and unique, the LushFoam. This material offers the best performance in both weight and heat distribution.  It is a premium gel memory foam unique to Nectar mattresses only.

4th Layer:  This layer is designed to offer optimal support, thanks to its built-in hi-core adaptive foam.

The 5th (Bottom) layer:  This is the last and bottom-most layer of the mattress. It is made of ultra-high-density foam that offers both excellent ventilation and stability.

Motion Transfer

This feature aims at absorbing any movement and preventing it from spreading to other sides/parts of the bed. Also known as motion isolation, the feature enables couples to sleep soundly without disturbance, and especially if one stirs or turns and rolls while asleep.


Many mattresses will form a ‘trench’ or sink a bit in the most commonly used areas. This is mostly found on the side where one prefers to sleep. Nectar, however, has perfected its mattresses to prevent/minimize sinkage.


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Edge Support

Nectar mattresses are designed to offer continuous support even on the edges.  This means you can sit on the sides and never worry about it sinking or toppling over.

The Foundation

This mattress is solid enough to take on any platform or foundation. You can thus use it on the floor or platform and still enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Warranty, Trial Period, and Shipping

All customers with the United States get to enjoy free shipping to all the states. Nectar also offers a ‘Glove Service, ’ which simply put, is a unique installation service for customers. Once the mattress is installed, they can offer to get rid of your old one if you wish to. In addition to this, Nectar provides a 365-day trial period for their mattresses.

The company also offers a ‘Forever Warranty,’ which covers the mattress for 10 years.  The company will thus replace your mattress should it show signs of defects within these years.  They can choose to repair and restore or recover the mattress altogether. Nectar covers all shipping fees.

How Much Do Nectar Mattresses Cost?

Nectar Mattresses are among the top-ranked(rated) mattresses on the market.  They also offer premium quality at an affordable price too. Their price range is significantly more affordable and lower than the competition too.


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