Dreamcloud Mattress Review

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  • Ranked ranked among the best hybrid mattresses
  • Constructed with 8 layers of premium materials
  • Features gel memory foam and strong airflow and excellent temperature neutrality
  • Hybrid mattress know for enhanced support and pressure relieving
  • Its edges are strong from the zoned perimeter coils
  • 365-night trial and Forever warranty
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials
Dreamcloud Mattress


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DreamCloud Mattress Full Review

Dreamcloud-mattress-with-ladyThe DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that was created specifically to offer comfort and support. This mattress features materials that help you to stay cool while you are resting. If you like the type of mattresses found in hotels, then you may be interested in the DreamCloud Mattress. It comes with an incredibly plush tufted top. You will feel like you are on vacation when you sleep on this luxurious mattress.

This mattress uses a technology range that ensures the ultimate sleep with coils, memory foam, cashmere, latex, and hand-tufting. This is the ideal mattress if you sleep with a partner. It also supports all types of sleeping positions and comes with zoning to make sure your weight is distributed evenly.

DreamCloud is confident and proud of the quality associated with its products. They even provide a 365-night trial on all their mattresses. If you feel like this mattress is not for you, the company will collect the mattress free of charge. This means you won’t be held liable for covering the costs of transportation or return shipping. After the trial period, your mattress is covered by a DreamCloud Everlong Warranty, that offers outstanding protection.

Who Should Buy The DreamCloud Mattress?

  • All Types of sleepers – Any person can achieve a peaceful night’s sleep on one of these mattresses, even for people that carry extra weight. These mattresses are not very firm and feel more like a soft foam. These mattresses relieve pressure on areas like the shoulders and hips and for individuals that prefer sleeping on one or both sides.
  • People that sleep hot – Getting overheated while trying to sleep is often problematic. This is one of the common problems that sleepers experience on mattresses that contain memory foam. Thankfully, the DreamCloud Mattress contains memory foam that doesn’t trap heat due to the cooling-gel inside it. The coils and the cooling-gel memory foam promotes airflow, making this mattress ideal for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.
  • Anyone looking for a luxurious mattress – These are hybrid mattresses that feature a high-quality memory foam along with a patent coil system, ideal for any sleeper interested in a superior mattress. There are not many mattresses that come close to the DreamCloud.
  • People that find it hard to make a decision – Are you one of those consumers that prefer testing products out before committing to buying them? The DreamCloud Mattress offers you an entire year to decide if this is the right bed for you. If you find that the mattress is not compatible with your needs, you can obtain a refund without any hassles.
  • People who like memory foam – If you enjoy the hug-like and comfortable feeling of memory-foam mattresses, you will enjoy the DreamCloud.


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Construction of The Mattress

These mattresses are 15″ in height, making them taller when compared to most of the other bed-in-a-box mattresses. It is safe to assume that these mattresses sit slightly higher on bed frames. These hybrid mattresses feature 8 layers and every material used to manufacture these mattresses are of the highest quality. Keep on reading to discover how these mattresses are designed. 

The Cover

The cover features a polyester-blend along with a foam quilted layer. These are EuroTop mattresses constructed out of tufted cashmere. You can compare sleeping on these mattresses to floating on clouds.

First Layer

This layer features a memory foam infused with cooling gel. This layer is highly supportive and conforms to the shape of your body while you are sleeping.

Second Layer

This layer features a premium-quilted memory foam made by DreamCloud. This is the most comforting layer you can find on the market.

Third Layer

Made from denser memory foam, this layer ensures your back remains aligned while sleeping. This layer also supports all types of sleeping positions.

Fourth Layer

This is a coil layer that comes with an innovative coil-compression system encased in durable foam. This patent-pending technology offers superior levels of support while you sleep.

Fifth Layer

This layer is made from a softer memory foam that is also extremely dense. This layer conforms to the shape of your body while you sleep.

Sixth Layer

Made from a hypoallergenic, premium natural latex. It provides the mattress with more bounce and cushion, while also conforming to every contour while you are resting.

Seventh Layer

This layer consists of a supportive, high-density memory foam providing your body with exceptional support.

The Firmness of the DreamCloud Mattress

These mattresses are medium-firm and on a firmness scale, these mattresses rate 6.5 out of 10. This means the DreamCloud falls into the “luxury firm” category. The majority of sleepers will find that they can sleep very comfortably on these mattresses. DreamCloud uses state-of-the-art technology and top-range materials that provide excellent spine support.


If you are a back sleeper, the DreamCloud is one of the best mattresses to sleep on. Since the bed features different memory foam layers, the foam contours to the shape of your body, helping you to sink comfortably into your bed. The coils offer outstanding support, especially around the area of the spine.

Motion Transfer

These luxurious mattresses are made from the highest quality foam. This makes these mattresses really effective when it comes to absorbing motion. If you sleep with someone restless, you will not be disturbed when sleeping on a DreamCloud. Each coil is wrapped and sits in a foam casing ensuring very little motion transfer. With the continuous coils, the person that you sleep with can wake up when placing direct pressure on coils underneath you. This doesn’t happen with individually-wrapped coils. The memory foam layers all assist with absorbing motion while keeping your mattress sturdy throughout the night.

Relieving Pressure

The human body is made up of curves. Due to this, when you lie down, some parts of your body have more pressure on them when compared to others. This usually includes the hips and the shoulders. DreamCloud has tackled this issue with a premium memory foam that encases your curves while the coils traditionally support your body. All parts of the body are supported by this type of mattress. You will quickly feel relaxed when you lie down on this mattress. The pressure points in your body will get all the support that they need.


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Temperature Control

The traditional memory foam mattress was well-known for retaining heat. The DreamCloud Mattress comes with features that help you to stay dry and cool throughout the night. The 1st memory foam layer includes a cooling gel that stops you from overheating. It also comes with coils that promote superior air-circulation along with breathable latex.

Edge Support

When you share your bed with a partner, it is important to look for a mattress that provides edge support. Without edge support, you might not have enough space. You and your sleeping partner would be forced to lie in the middle of the bed in order to remain comfortable. The DreamCloud is one of the hybrid mattresses that feature coils springs and outstanding edge support.


You can easily use these mattresses on all types of foundations. Even if you decide to use the mattress on a floor, it still provides exceptional support.

Trial, Warranty, And Shipping

If you reside in the continental U.S, DreamCloud ships mattresses for free. You also have an entire year to try out your mattress. Over this time, you can choose to send the mattress back whenever you like. If you decide you do not like the mattress, you will receive a full refund. There are absolutely no risks when it comes to trying out a DreamCloud mattress.

Even when the trial period comes to an end, DreamCloud offers an Everlong Warranty. These are mattresses made to last for a very long time, the warranty is a reflection of this. In the initial 10 years of owning one of these mattresses, the company will replace the mattress if you notice any workmanship or material defects.

This warranty is only for the original purchaser, while there are also pro-rata conditions in place. After the first 10 years, you can replace, re-cover, or repair your mattress through DreamCloud. You won’t be required to cover the charges for transportation when your return is due to manufacturing defects or material failure.

How Much Does DreamCloud Mattress Cost?

The costs of the Dreamcloud mattress will vary due to various factors. This includes the size of the mattress, and if you would like to add in additional accessories or take advantage of the company’s White Glove service. Here is a price list for the different sizes.


Regular Price





Twin XL












Cal King




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