Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Mattress Review

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  • Ranked among the internet most comfortable mattress by various mattress review sites
  • Luxurious hybrid mattress known for pressure relieving and enhanced support
  • Features strong airflow and excellent temperature neutrality
  • Feature zoned perimeter coils and hence strong edge support
  • Suitable for all sleeper types and sleeping positions
  • 365-night trial and 25-year warranty
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials
Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Mattress With Couple


BBB Rating B+



Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Mattress  Full Review

Woman-Sleeping-on-Oceano-Hybrid-MattressThe Oceano Hybrid Mattress is made by a company located in Los Angeles by the name of Brentwood Home. These special beds are manufactured from sustainably sourced materials. The Ocean Hybrid Mattress is made up of comfortable layers made from organic wool, gel-infused memory foam, and pocketed micro-coils.

The four models of mattresses that Brentwood Home manufacturers include the Cedar Natural Luxe, Crystal Cove, Cypress Memory Foam, and their most popular top seller the Oceano Hybrid Mattress.

The Oceano Mattress is a highly popular, top-tier product. This mattress features a revolutionary design with its two-coil systems incorporated into a top-layer made out of infused memory foam. Similar to the other mattresses on offer from Brentwood Home, this mattress features a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The mattresses are all handcrafted by artisans and fabricators that are local to the Los Angeles area, like the rest of the mattresses produced by this brand.

Who is the Oceano Hybrid Mattress Suitable For?

  • This is the ideal mattress that matches up to all types of sleepers. The outstanding coil-spring support makes this mattress a product to be enjoyed by all. Whether you are light, heavy, a stomach or side sleeper, this is the type of mattress that provides one of the best sleeping experiences.
  • It is also suitable for individuals that get hot and bothered while they are sleeping. The top layer consists of an organic wool-layer that naturally wicks away moisture that draws away body heat and keeps you comfortable throughout the night. Heat transfers out the mattress due to the powerful airflow present inside the coil-springs. If you like a certain level of bounce in your mattress, the Oceano comes with a series of micro-coils, that work with the memory foam layer to provide you with a great bounce and responsiveness.
  • This mattress also provides outstanding support through the coil combination and the memory foam layer. This mattress is designed to support your hips and shoulders, and it is also firm enough to provide ample support to your stomach and back.
  • The isolated motion of this mattress will ensure that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night without any disturbances. This is due to the memory foam layer and the micro-coils which are individually wrapped.



How Firm is the Oceano Mattress?

This mattress features a rating of 6 and is classified as medium-firm. The wool and memory foam layers give the mattress a plush and conforming feel. Yet the coil-on-coil design maintains a very even plane while keeping the surface of the mattress very responsive.


Many sleepers experience combinations of sleeping “on” and “in” this mattress. This experience is common for the hybrid models which come with comfort systems that are much thicker. Yet this feeling is very different from that springy feel associated with the traditional innerspring mattress.

What is the Oceano Mattress Made of?

Here is a breakdown of what makes this mattress one of the top sellers:

Brentwood-Home-Oceano-Hybrid-Mattress-LayersCover – The cover of the Oceano Hybrid Mattress is made from Tencel. This is a plant-based, eco-friendly fiber that is commonly used for producing cloth that is very soft and breathable. The quilted cover helps to keep this mattress cool and ventilated. The organic New Zealand wool in this mattress wicks away moisture while increasing ventilation and air circulation. New Zealand wool is one of the sustainable materials that Brentwood Home uses for all the handcrafted mattresses that this company produces.

Comfort layers – The layers under the cover provide sleepers with luxurious comfort. The top layer is made from New-Zealand GOTS-certified organic wool. This is a material that is breathable and offers moisture-wicking properties. This offers a cooler surface temperature for sleepers. The next layers feature a 2-inch, low-density gel memory foam. This is the layer that contours to your body shape and assists with relieving tension, pressure, and pain, especially for the problematic areas like the back, hips, and joints. These layers also help to isolate motion. This means you can safely move around while sleeping without disturbing or waking up your partner.

Micro-coils (Individually wrapped) – The micro-coil layer is around 2 and 1/2 inches thick and gives the mattress firmness and support. Each of the micro-coils is individually wrapped and responds and adjusts to the way you move while you are sleeping. These coils provide you with more than enough support regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Transitional layer – This is a traditional layer made from CertiPUR-US certified 1.8 PCF polyfoam inserted under the micro-coil layers. This is a high-density foam that stops you from sinking into the other layers present in the mattress. This layer is firm and dense.

Base coils (Individually wrapped) – This is an 8-inch thick layer that gives this mattress its strong support and firmness. The coils are in a zone to give you enhanced support for your shoulders, back, and hips, while providing a light cradling to the rest of your body. These strong coils provide this mattress with a solid edge-support, to stop the mattress from breaking down or losing shape.

Heat Dissipation

Excellent temperature neutrality is one of the characteristics of the Oceano. The wool layer at the top wicks moisture away and helps to keep you cool. The consistent airflow is due to both of the coil layers which helps to maintain comfortable temperatures.

The hybrids typically provide excellent temperature neutrality through their air-circulating coils. Above-average cooling is provided by the models like the Oceano which comes with breathable and comfortable layers. In most cases, the mattresses with solid-foam support cores will sleep warm since they absorb and trap body heat, this is not the case with the Oceano Hybrid Mattress.

Edge Support

Strong edge support provides a much easier way to get into or out of your bed. It also provides the correct support for those that end up sleeping closer to the mattress edge. The Ocean is similar to most spring mattresses in the way of providing excellent edge support. There are reinforced coils around the perimeter that maintain supportive edges. This is a beneficial feature for individuals that have mobility issues or limitations.



Motion Isolation

Most spring mattresses can be disruptive due to excessive bounce. With a hybrid mattress, this issue is minimized due to the addition of materials designed to lower motion transfer. This allows you to still enjoy a similar bouncy feeling without any shockwaves that usually disturb your sleeping partner. The individually wrapped coils also isolate energy as you move.

Smell/ Off-Gassing

The Ocean Mattress scores high in this regard since there aren’t any noticeable odors when you open the box.

Many of the foam mattresses are known for emitting some off-gassing or odor when they are compressed and wrapped inside plastic. The Oceano Mattress is very different as it doesn’t give off much odor at all.


The Oceano Mattress can be purchased directly from the Brentwood Home website or on Amazon. com. These mattresses are only shipped to the U.S White Glove delivery on offer directly through the company. This also includes an in-home assemble that adds $199 to the price. If you want the company to take your old mattress away, the service costs an additional $75. If you are not willing to pay for these services, choose the free FedEx curbside delivery. Once you place your order you can expect to have your mattress delivered within 3 to 5 business days.

Warranty and Trial Period

A sleeping trial of 365 nights is on offer by Brentwood Home for its Oceano Hybrid Mattress. You cannot return this mattress for at least 30 days if you would like a refund. This is known as the 30-night break-in period, providing you with ample time to get a feel for the mattress. If you are still not satisfied with the sleeping experience, you can return your mattress for a full refund.

These mattresses come with an impressive 25-year warranty. The warranty is partially prorated. During the first 10 years, defective mattresses can be replaced or repaired for free. However, you will need to cover the costs of shipping and transportation. From 11 to 20 years, you will need to pay the prorated fee to replace your mattress which amounts to 50% of the original price of the product, plus an additional 5% for each year after that (for example 50% in the 11th year, 55% in the 12th year and so on). From 21 to 25 years, you will need to pay a prorated flat replacement fee of 95% which is based on the original price of the product.

How Much Does Oceano Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Below is a breakdown below of the price for different sizes and the latest promotion.


Regular Price





Twin XL












Cal King



Split King





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