Top 10 Best Integrated Dishwashers - Jun 2024

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Integrated Dishwashers Buying Guide

When you purchase an integrated dishwasher, you will still have access to the typical features of high-quality dishwashers such as energy saving, flexible racking and more. These dishwashers also blend in quite well with your kitchen and the fully integrated dishwasher model will be covered by the cupboard door. You will be able to access the knobs and other controls via the inside lip. There are also other semi integrated models which are only partly covered, and you can easily access the controls at the front of the unit. With that said, all the integrated models will require a cupboard door as well as a plinth for the bottom. However, if you are simply looking to purchase a replacement integrated dishwasher, you should already have everything you need.

Features You Should Look for When Buying an Integrated Dishwasher

The Capacity

If your kitchen is relatively small, then it is best that you choose a slimline integrated dishwasher. These slimline models are about 45 cm wide and they are surprisingly compact. With this dishwasher, you will be able to wash between 9 to 10 place settings at once. As a result, this is a good size dishwasher for a smaller family. However, if you have a larger family or simply enjoy having many guests over, then you should consider the full-size integrated dishwasher. This allows 12 to 14 place settings and it is approximately 60 cm wide. For larger households, you should look for integrated dishwashers that can handle 14+ place settings.

Programs for Washing

A standard cycle won’t be enough to thoroughly clean dishes that have a lot of thick and burnt food stuck to the bottom of them. However, with an intensive cycle this should be able to handle any type of cooking mess due to the higher temperature and more powerful jets. Some of the integrated dishwasher models have these intensive modes that will help you to deal with huge messes. There are also models that have a quick wash program that allows you to get clean dishes in only 30 minutes.


If you want to use the dishwasher during the night or you have an open plan living room and kitchen, then you should think about how noisy the dishwasher might be. There are many integrated dishwashers that are extremely quiet and only make around 36dB of noise whereas there are others that are around 54dB which is still pretty quiet. There are also models that have quiet cycles that will ensure you don’t feel disturbed while running it.

Energy Rating

The energy rating of these type of dishwashers are typically between A+++ to D. Using these dishwashers is more energy and water efficient than washing by hand due to the fact that less energy is utilized as well as water. There are even particular models that utilize intelligent technology so that less water is used and your dishes still get sparkling clean.

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