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Diesel Generators Buying Guide

When you are looking for a diesel generator to buy, there are a number of important factors that need to be considered in addition to the price.

Diesel Generator’s Manufacturer

Conduct some research into the manufacturer’s reputation and history. Choosing a trusted manufacturer that has a reputation for building equipment that stands the test and stress of time is always a smart idea. You also will want to consider whether you need to have a dedicated generator or standby diesel generator. Dedicated generators are needed when the site does not have any other power source or on a site that needs a generator that is used all day long, every day. They are also called continuous or prime generators. On the other hand, a standby generator works as a backup source for a pre-existing source of power. They can be used whenever there is no regular power available when there is a power shortage or another infrequent use type of situation. You need to consider factory power requirements for industrial units in addition to on-site office power. The best ways to make sure your needs are fully covered to provide you with enough power that will last through an emergency is to choose a larger size.

Know What the Difference is Between KW and KVA

Another thing to consider is being able to distinguish the relationship between KW and KVA. KVA and KW are not equal. Usually, the relationship is 1 KVA = 0.8 KW. Whenever you are planning to purchase a diesel generator, you should whether the generator unit is being expressed in KVA or KW.

Check Muffler

Make sure to check whether or not the diesel generator muffler is of decent quality. Quiet operation is well-suited for use at home. It is always recommended that you purchase a silent or lower noise diesel generator. You should also find out whether or not it is a fuel-efficient generator before purchasing it. Some generators are able to adjust the speed of the engine based on what the load demand is for improved fuel efficiency. The run time will be affected by both the fuel tank size and fuel efficiency.

Know What Your Power Needs Are

You also want to be able to tell your salesperson whether the diesel generator you are buying is for home or industrial use, what size you need, and what power level you need. Also, what generator brand you interested in buying?


You also want to know about the warranty that comes with the diesel generator. For generator systems, the warranty usually ranges from one up to five years, depending on the type of generator. A residential generator tends to come standard with a two to a five-year warranty. On the other hand, an industrial generator will usually come standard with a one to two-year warranty along with other optional upgrades. Check the warranty coverage and duration of the standby system and also ask about upgraded costs if you would like to have increased coverage.

Is it 3 Phase or Single Phase?

Depending on what your needs are, you might need to consider whether you need to have a three-phase or single-phase generator. Your main considerations should be the total number of hours the equipment has been used and how old it is. You also need to find out how long the generator was used and how well it was maintained. A load test will determine how efficient the equipment is when generating power.

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