Top 10 Best Comforters of 2024

Below are the best 10 comforters in the market today. They were evaluated for fill power, warmth, weight construction among other factors. We looked at thousands of online reviews to rank these comforters. As a word of caution, we encourage you to read the reviews yourself to ensure that you are buying what you really want.



Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter
  • Made from microfiber, it is utra-soft with 8 built in corner and side loops
  • 300 gsm fill weight for a cozy feeling and comfort
  • Features reversible color design. Its like having 2 comforters
  • Machine washable in cold water and air dry



Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series
  • Comforter is luxurious, soft and lightweight
  • Expertly designed and is extremely comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic. Dust, mite and other allergens will not bother you
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle and low tumble dry



AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter Blanket
  • Made with 100% polyester microfiber and 100% polyester fill
  • Reversible with sky-blue on one side and navy-blue other side
  • Features diamond stitching to keep fill in place
  • Machine washable in permanent press cycle



Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert
  • Features 350 gsm filling and piped edges
  • Comforter manufactured using siliconized fiber fill
  • Elegant style box stitching that prevent the fill from shifting
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry



Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter
  • Offers luxurious comfort in all seasons
  • hypo-allergenic there no dust, mites and other allergens
  • Expertly designed for comfort
  • Comforter is comfortable and durable



Bedsure Reversible Down Alternative Comforter
  • Made with microfiber
  • Comforter stuffed with 300GSM whole piece microfiber for luxury
  • High quality superior materials
  • Features stylish box-stitching pattern to keep the duvet insert from shifting and clumping



Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter
  • Durable from strong stitching
  • Comforter manufactured using high-quality siliconized fiber filling
  • High quality superior materials
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry



TEKAMON All Season Comforter
  • TEKAMON comforter is ultra-soft and fluffy
  • Features a double brushed fabric cover which is noise-Free and more Breathable
  • Features durable hems and precise diamond quilting stitching
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry



Janzaa 3pcs White Comforter Set
  • Made with 100% brushed microfiber material with soft microfiber inner fill
  • Modern Elegant style to match your room decor
  • Suitable for use in all seasons
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry at low heat



AmazonBasics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Comforter Bed Set
  • Made with 100% Polyester
  • Made with ultra-soft micromink polyester on one side and cloud-like white faux sherpa fleece on the other
  • Its stylish box stitching helps resists fraying and sliding
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry at low heat


How To Select The Best Comforter

With so many different options available these days, it can seem like an overwhelming task to choose the best comforter. Weights, covers, thread counts, fill – with so many different styles and criteria, how can you choose the best comforter for you? In this article, I will be discussing the various comforter options that are available and help you better understand what kind of comforter set or comforter is best for your needs.

Comforter Construction

A comforter’s construction refers to all of the extra stitching that is done to the interior. This helps to prevent the fill material from moving around and creating dead spaces and lumps. A majority of fill materials tend to do this to a certain degree. However, down is especially prone to lumping. Therefore, it is key to find a down comforter that has the right construction. Various constructions are used to make comforters, including channel, quilt stitched, baffle box, and gusseted. 

Fill Material

There are two main categories of fill material for comforters: down alternative and down. There are various options that are available in each of these materials, and they each have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. In this part of the article, we will be breaking down each of these materials and highlighting some of the important differences between alternative and down fills. 

Down Alternative

In general, down alternative comforters are filled with rayon, polyester, or cotton. Those materials are intended to mimic the warmth and fluffiness of down, without too much weight being added. Usually, down alternatives cost less than goose down. They are also ‘vegan’ alternatives to down, which is derived from animals. Many people also select a down alternative comfort due to their hypoallergenic nature compared to goose down comforters. Numerous down alternative comforters also are machine washable, which makes it easier to clean them when compared to down comforters that might have to be washed professionally.


When it comes to comforter fill material, down is superior. It offers unparalleled warmth and a warmth-to-weight ratio that cannot be beaten. Alpinists who climb the highest peaks in the world under the most extreme condition wear down jackets since they keep them warm and are light enough at the same time to climb in. The lightweight nature of down provides high breathability, so even though it is an incredibly warm material, you won’t sweat while you are sleeping.

Fill Power

What fill power refers to is the volume taken up by one ounce of down. The higher that the fill power is, the higher the quality of insulation the down has. Down that comes from larger, mature birds have a greater loft. Therefore, it insulates better, which means you need less of it to stay warm. The following guidelines can help you find the best fill power to meet your requirements: 

  • 800 and up: This is an extra warm comforter to use in cold conditions.
  • 600-800: This is a warm comforter that works well if you get cold at night or to use during the winter
  • 400-600: A versatile fill power for comforters that can work well all year long
  • 400 and under: For use in the summer or for people who easily overheat while they are sleeping.

Fill Weight

Fill weight is another thing that should be considered when searching for a down comforter. That refers to the number of ounces worth of down fill that is contained in the comforter. High fill powers have a tender to have a lower fill weight – since fill power describes the ability of air to be trapped by the down, not the actual down’s weight. This is why a down comforter with a higher fill power that is well-suited for colder temperatures might be more lightweight than a comforter that has a lower fill power that has been designed for use in warmer temperatures. A comforter’s warmth is determined by the balance of fill weight and fill power. However, in general, higher fill power down comforters are usually reserved to be used in warmer blankets. 

Comforter Size

Comforters are available in various sizes, there are oversized  King, oversized queen, queen, full/queen, Full, Twin XL, and twin down comforters that are available. Of course, if the comforter you purchase is too small for your bed, then it will lack function and look silly. However, you may want to buy an oversized comforter to drape more off the sides of your bed.

Thread Count

The main indicator of fabric quality is the thread count. The higher that the thread count is, the tighter woven the fabric will be. Thread count indicates how many threads are contained in one square inch of material. It isn’t always better to have a higher thread count. Another thing that is important is the fiber material, and the specific way that the fibers are woven. Although usually higher thread count fabrics are of higher quality, if they are constructed poorly they might feel thick or stiff.

When looking for a down comforter to buy the thread count is an important thing to consider not due to how soft the fabric is as much as due to the fact that down is contained more effectively by a higher thread count.

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